Workforce Development

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You are encouraged to become engaged in the work of the various subcommittees and attend meetings to learn of the work being accomplished. If you have any questions regarding any of the subcommittees, please call (337) 706-1214 for additional information.

Apprenticeship Advocacy
The Apprenticeship Advocacy Subcommittee is in their formative stages. Questions regarding this subcommittee may be directed to Dennis Hetherington at 337-453-1184 or 337-552-4908.
Education and Student Recruitment Subcommittee
The Education and Student Recruitment Subcommittee was created to investigate disconnects between students and the workforce. The drop out crisis and contributions businesses could make to reverse trends and encourage parental participation and responsibilities have been explored. Questions regarding this subcommittee may be directed to Yvonne Normand at 337-948-3657, ext. 242.
Faith Based and Community Based Organizations Subcommittee
The creation of the Faith Based and Community Based Organizations Subcommittee was in response to an identified need to better understand and communicate regarding the activities of regional faith-based neighborhood social services organizations. The ability to identify the various groups and their expertise and focus within the communities and activities being accomplished to mobilize for specific targeted populations is ongoing. Questions regarding this subcommittee may be directed to Glenn Dugas at (337)262-5540.
LAWORKS and Employer Market Penetration Focus Subcommittee
The LAWORKS and Employer Market Penetration Focus Subcommittee was created to determine why employers are not using the website to post their vacancies and advertise their e-classifieds for ‘free’, as opposed to the expense of advertising through traditional advertising. The subcommittee will conduct a survey of employers in order to obtain the reasons why businesses use or do not use the Louisiana Workforce Commission’s LAWORKS website for posting jobs. In combining two subcommittees, they seek to ascertain which employers are using the services of the Louisiana Workforce Commission by posting their job vacancies on the website. It was noted that many entry level positions are advertised, but management and the more experienced positions are not advertised as frequently.
Region 4 Re-Entry Coalition Subcommittee
The Workforce Reentry Sub-committee was formed to empower job seekers in reentry, on probation or parole or who were formerly incarcerated. The name of this committee has recently been changed to the Region 4 Re-Entry Coalition Subcommittee. This committee is building relationships with employers, sponsoring reentry job fairs, hosting work readiness seminars and partnering with Sheriff Departments, Probation and Parole Officers, the Courts and Faith-based and Community Organizations. Over 12,000 workers are released each year from jails and prisons in Region 4. This Coalition is working to establish reentry coalitions in each of the 8 parishes in Region 4. Employers are identified who are willing to hire people in reentry and learn about Tax Credits and Federal Bonding. This Subcommittee also empowers veterans and people with disabilities for entry into Louisiana’s workforce. Questions regarding this subcommittee may be directed to Carlos Harvin at (337)255-5885.
Resource Mapping Subcommittee
The Resource Mapping Subcommittee was created in response to the need to be able to identify and communicate effectively with members of economic development, educational, governmental, legislative, workforce development, employers, jobseekers, corrections and community service resources. A contact database with additional acronym information was created and information on 450+ resources were identified and listed. Questions regarding this subcommittee may be directed to Wynetta Wilson at (337)262-1136.
Workforce Recruiting Subcommittee
The Workforce Recruiting Subcommittee was formed to recruit workers and to assist employers who have experienced the outmigration or reemployment component of workers who consistently have recruiting difficulties within particular occupations. Several occupations have been identified: welders, machinists, tractor-truck drivers, offshore divers, electricians, plumbers and various medical field occupations.