Level I Alcohol Program

Level One Alcohol ProgramPurpose: The purpose of the level I Alcohol education program is to provide education to individuals who have experienced harmful consequences as a result of their use of alcohol. The heavy majority of participants will be referrals from the criminal justice system, therefore accountability regarding attendance and participation will be documented. This program is designed for individuals who have been convicted of 1st offense DWI, Public Intoxication and disturbing the peace by Intoxication. Information presented will be designed to give participants accurate information regarding alcohol so that they may begin to make more informed decisions regarding their lifestyle choices.

Format: The Level I Alcohol Education program will consist of two (2), two (2) hour sessions. The course will be taught twice per week for one week. This frequency will ensure completion of the program in a timely fashion. Information will be presented in a classroom, group discussion format. The majority of the information will be presented by a live instructor with minimal use of video.

Location and Instructor: Classes will be taught at Office of Court Services, Building B, 2100 Jefferson St., Lafayette, LA 70501. All classes will be taught by a Substance Abuse Educational Coordinator. Sessions are held on every Monday and Wednesday nights from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m..

Content: The course will consist of information on the impact that alcohol has on an individual’s health, lifestyle, brain, body and family. Particular emphasis will be given to the impact alcohol has on the central nervous system, thus causing poor decision making.

Cost: The 2 session classroom program will cost $105.00. This amount will be required prior to beginning the first session.