Values Clarification Program

Court Services Values Clarification ProgramPurpose: The purpose of the Values Clarification program is to provide education to individuals who have engaged in minor acts of theft or fraud. The majority of participants will be from the criminal justice system, however, volunteer enrollment is accepted. This program is designed for individuals who have been arrested or convicted for some infraction involving theft or fraud.

Format: The Values Clarification program will consist of three (3), two (2) hour sessions. The course will be taught once per week for three weeks. This frequency will ensure completion of the program in a timely fashion. Information will be presented in a classroom, group discussion format. The majority of the information will be presented by a live instructor with minimal use of video. There will be a pre and post test at each session for the participant to complete.

Location and Instructor: Classes will be taught at Office of Court Services, Building B, 2100 Jefferson St., Lafayette, LA 70501. Classes will be taught by a Substance Abuse Educational Coordinator. Sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Content: The course will consist of information on theft, fraud, honesty, personal integrity and values clarification. Emphasis will be placed on improving problem solving and coping skills as well as a personal and societal analysis of theft and fraud.

Cost: The 3 session classroom program will cost $100.00. This amount will be required prior to beginning the first session. Enrollment can be made by contacting the Office of Court Services at (337) 291-8845.