Neighborhood Counseling Services

Neighborhood Counseling ServicesThe Neighborhood Counseling Services Program provides comprehensive housing counseling to renters, homeowners, potential homeowners and families. Services include:

Pre-Purchase Counseling - Prospective homebuyers are provided a one-on-one session to help assess their financial profile, credit analysis and overall purchase readiness. Various loan options and mortgages are reviewed. If you are interested in pre-purchase counseling, please click here to download the documents.

Default/Delinquent Mortgage Counseling - Homeowners experiencing late payments, income changes, and/ or foreclosures are provided options for home retention. If you are interested in default/delinquency mortgage counseling counseling, please click here to download the documents.

Renter's Counseling - Support is provided through locating available rental housing and assisting with landlord/ tenant problems. If you are interested in rental counseling, please click here to download the documents.

Homeless Counseling - Individuals and families are counseled and referred to shelters , social service agencies and/ or housing related programs. If you are interested in homeless counseling, please click here to download the documents.

Post-Purchase Counseling - Support and information is provided for homeowners needing help with issues that may arise after the home is purchased. If you are interested in post-purchase counseling, please click here to download the documents. Bring or mail all completed documents to 111 Shirley Picard Drive, Lafayette, LA. 70501

Homeownership Training Workshop - Potential homeowners and renters interested in purchasing a home will learn fundamentals of the home buying process. Certificates are issued upon completion.

Home Maintenance Workshop - Participants learn the key elements in exterior maintenance, interior cleanliness, and minor plumbing repairs. Energy star and green products are promoted.

Financial Literacy/Budget and Credit Workshop - Tips on how to budget, understand credit reports, manage finances, credit recovery and payment schedules are offered as ways to enhance basic money management skills.

Information and Referrals - Clients are provided information and referrals to other social service agencies when their needs are not being met.

Housing Discrimination Complaint Hotline - Persons who feel they have been discriminated against in a housing transaction due to: Race, Color, Religion, Sex, National Origin, Handicap, or Familial Status, may contact the Discrimination Complaint Hotline at (337) 291-5451.

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For more information call (337) 291-5450
All services are free and available to the public.