15th JDC F.I.S.T. Adult Drug Court

15th JDC Adult Drug Court

​(Focused Intervention through Sanctions and Treatment)

15th Judicial District Court

The 15th JDC F.I.S.T. Adult Drug Court is a Division of the Department of Community Development within Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government. It is a licensed intensive out-patient treatment program under the State of Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.

What is Drug Court?

Drug Court is a post-adjudication specialized court designed to handle cases involving non-violent drug-using felony offenders through an intensive supervision and treatment program.

The program includes frequent drug-testing, case management, substance abuse counseling, educational opportunities, judicial supervision and incremental rewards and punishment.

Drug courts promote recovery through coordinated responses to the offender's dependence on alcohol and other drugs. A team approach is utilized and includes the cooperation and collaboration of judges, prosecutors, defense counsel, probation authorities, law enforcement, treatment providers and evaluators.

Our Mission

To get the offender sober, employable, and employed by reducing offender abuse and/or addiction to alcohol and other mind altering chemicals, thus decreasing criminal activity.


Drug Court's primary source of funding is from the State of Louisiana, Supreme Court Drug Court Office along with supplemental funding from program income, Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government and the 15th Judicial District Judges.

Visit us on-line at www.15thJDC.org/site72.php

2010 Drug Court Program Evaluation is available at: http://www.15thjdc.org/uploads/2010OutcomeEvaluation15thJDC_FINAL.pdf