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HouseHousing Rehabilitation Grant Program

The Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government's (LCG) Housing Rehabilitation Program is funded by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) Entitlement Grants.  This program is managed by the LCG, Community Development Department (CDD).  The program's objective is to renovate the homes of income qualifying, owner-occupied, single-family detached homes (mobile homes are not eligible).  The program operates within the jurisdiction of the LCG (the City of Lafayette and unincorporated regions of Lafayette Parish).  Rehabilitation work conducted addresses housing code violations, ADA compliance, sewer needs, and energy conservation. Housing reconstruction is allowed in accordance with applicable federal regulations.  Once an applicant's eligibility has been determined, the applicant will receive consideration for a deferred payment loan of up to $30,000 and labor provided by a LCG, CDD carpentry crew.


Program qualification requirements are:
  • Applicant must reside in the home at the time they apply and while on the waiting list;
  • Applicant must own the property requiring rehabilitation and have lived there for at least 3 years;
  • Applicant's home must not be located in an existing or proposed FEMA flood zone;
  • Applicant's home must be free of lead paint and asbestos;
  • Applicant must be willing to relocate while the rehabilitation work is being conducted; and
  • Applicant must meet the following HUD income guidelines (See Below)


A waiting list, consisting of priority ratings, determines when rehabilitation work will begin on an applicant’s home.  Priority points are awarded for the following:

  • Income;
  • Age;
  • Family Size;
  • Handicap or Disability;
  • Efforts to maintain your property;
  • Length of residency at your address; and
  • Length of time spent on the program waiting list.


The higher the applicant's priority rating, the sooner the rehabilitation work will begin.

Participant Obligations

Rehabilitation grants are awarded as conditional grants (deferred payment loans).  As such, program participants are not indebted to the LCG unless their property is sold, rented, or not used as their personal primary residence for fifteen years after the rehabilitation work has been completed. At the end of fifteen years, the participant is cleared of all program obligations and is free to enter into any type of legal transaction regarding the assisted property.

Relocation/Moving Grant Program

The LCG, CDD maintains 4 homes that are available to Housing Rehabilitation Program participants during the rehabilitation of their home.  Most are handicap accessible and all are equipped with central heating and air conditioning.  Utilities and telephone services are provided by the LCG.  The relocation process is provided free of charge to program participants.  A moving grant is also awarded to all program participants.  This grant covers the costs of moving to and from the LCG’s relocation unit.

The Rehabilitation Process

The rehabilitation process takes approximately six to twelve weeks.  The CD Program Specialist will assist program participants during the entire rehabilitation process should any problems occur.

Summary of the housing rehabilitation process:

  1. Application:  Call 291-8446, or email housingrehab@lafayettela.gov
  2. Inspection of your home
  3. Cost estimate/work write-up
  4. Homeowner counseling
  5. Contract signing
  6. Temporary relocation of homeowner
  7. Rehabilitation work begins
  8. Follow-up inspection of home
  9. Mortgage Cancellation (after 15 years) 



Demolition Grant Program

Funded by HUD's CDBG Entitlement Grant program, the LCG, CDD Housing Division provides demolition grants to income-qualifying owners of dilapidated residential and commercial properties within the jurisdiction of the LCG (the City of Lafayette and unincorporated regions of Lafayette Parish).  The grant limit for the complete demolition of residential structures is $15,000 (additional funding may be available if the removal of asbestos is involved).  The grant limit for the complete demolition of commercial structures is $4,000.  Applicants must have clear title to the property requiring demolition.

The LCG, CDD CD Program Specialist will determine each applicant's income eligibility.  Residential properties must have been unoccupied for at least 90 days prior to the grant application.  Applicants for commercial demolition must have owned their property for at least 3 years. Recipients of demolition grants are not indebted to the LCG.  The owners of properties on which structures have been demolished are free to enter into any type of legal transaction regarding the assisted property.

Income Limits for the Housing Rehabilitation and Demolition Programs

*2016 Income Guidelines​ ​
Family Size Income Limits
​1 $37,200​
​2 $42,500​
​3 ​$47,800
​4 ​$53,100
​5 ​$57,350
​6 $61,600​
​7 ​$65,850
​8 ​​$70,100
*annually subject to change​ ​

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