Downtown Strategic Framework

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The Downtown Action Plan

The Downtown Strategic Framework Action Plan provides a compelling vision for the future of Downtown Lafayette and a framework of policies and strategies to guide its development and redevelopment, to enhance its functionality and urban character, and to promote its eclectic mix of cultural and entertainment activities. The Action Plan is a component of the overall Comprehensive Plan and will incorporate relevant analyses and content developed in the other elements of the Comprehensive Plan.

The Downtown Advisory Working Group reviewed the plan and made comments. In addition the plan was available for public review for a two week period. Please find below the final Downtown Action Plan.

Downtown Action Plan


Downtown Summit 2

Over one hundred people participated in the final community meeting on June 5, 2013 at the AcA. The consultant team synthesized the results of Summit 1 and presented a framework for review and comment. The presentation included a summary of the finding of Summit 1 and the 9 concept mapes created at that meeting. The consultant team walked participants through a series of slides analyzing how the ideas for downtown's future fit together, existing barriers and issues, a summary of issues, concepts for downtown, and initial action ideas for how to make the concepts a reality.  
If you were not able to attend the Downtown Summit 2 please find the following material:
Please find the results of Summit 2 that will be used to craft the Downtown Strategic Framework Action Plan.
Downtown Summit 1
A hundred people participated in a community meeting on October 30th, 2012 at the AcA and were asked to envision Downtown Lafayette in twenty years. This is the first of two community meetings. The Consultant team presented an assessment of downtown and set up an activity for participants. Please find the presentation here. Participants were asked to look out twenty years and give feedback on topics such as land use, mobility, urban design, placemaking, streetscapes, etc. The reference guide that assisted particpants in this group exercise may found here.
If you were not able to attend the Downtown Summit 1 some of the maps used as reference in the group exercise are found below. The excercise gave participants the opportunity to provide feedback on the following topics: activity mix and location, mobility, placemaking and urban design.
Please find the results of Summit 1 that were used to craft the concepts that will be presented at Summit 2.
Open House
An Open House was held on August 14, 2012. The following presentation was on display to help inform downtown stakeholders about the planning process. Click here to download the presentation.
More than 150 people attended the Open House to view the Consultant team’s initial mapping of downtown existing conditions and to begin generating ideas for the future. If you were not able to attend the Open House, the draft existing condition maps are linked below. Online input was also collected through a survey.
The preliminary maps were on display at the Open House and give an overview of the existing conditions in Downtown Lafayette.
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