Evangeline Corridor Initiative

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​ Open House Meetings on the ECI Draft Report / Action Plan - March 21 & 22 
​The Evangeline Thruway Redevelopment Team (ETRT) is hosting two public meetings to present the ECI Draft Report/Action Plan for public comment prior to adoption. This report addresses the impacts of the future I-49 Connector on local neighborhoods and recommends approaches to revitalize and redevelop Lafayette's urban core and adjacent neighborhoods along the Evangeline Thruway.  Interested citizens are encouraged to attend and review the draft document and share their input prior to adoption by the ETRT and endorsement by the Planning Commission and Lafyaette City-Parish Council.  Members of the ETRT, ECI consulting team and representatives from the Lafayette Consolidated Government will be on hand to answer questions.

Open House Meeting #1 - Wednesday, March 21, 4:00-7:00p at Clifton Chenier Center, Townhall Auditorium, 220 W. Willow Street

Open House Meeting #2 - Thursday, March 22, 4:00 - 7:00p at LPSS Vermilion Conference Center, 326 Gauthier Road
For questions about the Open House meetings, contact Neil LeBouef, ECI Project Manager, via phone at (337) 291-7196, by email at nlebouef@lafayettela.gov

Draft ECI Plan Issued for Public Comment
The Evangeline Thruway Redevelopment Team (ETRT) at its March 12 meeting, accepted a draft of the ECI Plan and recommended the plan be made available for public comment.  If you wish to submit a public comment regarding the draft ECI Plan, draft District Design Manuals or the Evangeline Corridor Initiative (ECI) generally, please email ETRT@lafayettela.gov or fill out an ECI Public Comment Card ​and mail or email to the listed address.  Public comments will be accepted until noon on Thursday, March 29.  The ECI Plan and its components are available for download below.
Draft ECI Plan
ECI Report

District Design Manuals


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As the I-49 Connector is planned and built, the Evangeline Thruway and Lafayette's oldest neighborhoods are facing change. The Evangeline Corridor Initiative (ECI) for revitalization supports collaboration and engagement with the people who know the area best — those who live and work there.
Through the efforts of the ECI and with much public input, proposed neighborhood revitalization plans were unveiled at an Open House on Thursday, June 8. Evangeline Corridor residents and business owners along with the general public, provided yet another round of feedback on the proposed catalyst projects -- improvements with the potential to enhance the quality of life and spark investment. Open House attendees previewed the Evangeline Corridor planning work and District Design Manuals in addition to information about catalyst projects. A 6-by-9 foot map was available as a visual aid to show potential locations of the catalyst projects. Prior to the Open House, community members who live and work in the Corridor hosted "Meetings in a Box" to help evaluate potential catalyst projects
For more information, contact Neil LeBouef, ECI Project Manager, via phone at (337) 291-7196, by email at nlebouef@lafayettela.gov, or online at LafayetteLA.gov.
Meetings in a Box
During the month of May, residents and business owners organized small group meetings to evaluate and prioritize the Catalyst Projects designed for their neighborhoods. “Meeting in a Box” kits — meeting materials and instructions — were provided by LCG and meeting hosts guided participants through the prioritization process. For questions about the process, contact Neil LeBouef, ECI Project Manager, via phone at (337) 291-7196, by email at nlebouef@lafayettela.gov
Last year, architects, designers and planners helped residents along the Evangeline Corridor visualize the changes they want for their neighborhoods. These changes included: walkable streets and bike paths, covered bus stops, grocery stores and open-air markets, shopping, dining and entertainment options, and more.
Residents and business owners are asked to help prioritize those suggested improvements. Based on community input, Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG), through the Evangeline Corridor Initiative (ECI), has identified approximately 40 catalyst projects throughout the Corridor. These projects are identified as catalysts because of their potential to revitalize the area and spark investment. The Corridor includes neighborhoods along and adjacent to the planned I-49 Connector.
Meeting in a Box Kit Materials
Host / Facilitator Meeting Packet
Participant Meeting Packets

Individual Elements 

The Evangeline Thruway Redevelopment Team hosted a series of workshops regarding neighborhood strengths and challenges this spring and is seeking comments regarding the resulting District Workshop Reports until Friday, July 29. 

If you wish to submit a public comment regarding the District Workshop Reports or the Evangeline Corridor Initiative generally, please email ETRT@lafayettela.gov or fill out an ECI Public Comment Card and mail or email to the listed address.The reports are available for download below.

Charrette Report

District Design Workshops

Ongoing Public Outreach Plan
Design Charrette


Evangeline Thruway Redevelopment Team

The Evangeline Thruway Redevelopment Team (ETRT) was formed by the Corridor Preservation and Management Action Plan to Preserve the I-49 Alignment (Action Plan) and is a committee of the Lafayette City-Parish Council.  The ETRT is composed of 15 members appointed by several organizations as outlined in the Action Plan.

Regularly scheduled meetings of the ETRT are held on the second Monday of every month (except holidays) at noon.  Please check the LCG Calendar for ETRT meeting announcements and agendas.


Evangeline Corridor Initiative Historical/Reference Documents


Additional Information


About the TIGER Grant/Evangeline Corridor Initiative

In 2014, LCG was awarded a U.S. Department of Transportation TIGER (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery) Federal Planning Grant to plan for the Interstate 49 Connector Corridor. The goals of the grant are to:
  • Detailed preliminary plans for infrastructure improvements that promote connectivity, provide for alternate modes of transit, and drive economic development (in conjunction with new land use designations). This would also include public plazas and linear green space.
  • New land-use designations geared toward buffering areas surrounding the facility, driving economic development, and transitioning the area to a functional urban character.
  • Development of a funding plan to facilitate and effectuate implementation of the new corridor plan, including the identification of at least one catalyst project in each identified planning district.
The TIGER grant was later branded as the Evangeline Corridor Initiative to be representative of and reflect the local area where its planning efforts are to be focused.
The Evangeline Corridor Initiative (ECI) is about neighborhood revitalization planning alongside the future I-49 Connector - what we currently know as the Evangeline Thruway.
Our mission encourages community input to make the plans - and ultmiately the corridor - the best it can be.