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  • June 12, 6 pm, University Avenue Final Public Meeting (#3)​, Bridge Ministry of Acadiana 

​​​​​​​PlanLafayette Week 2018 
​During the week of Oct. 29, Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG) hosted “PlanLafayette Week.” 2018 marked the fourth iteration of the weeklong series of events focused on Lafayette’s Comprehensive Plan, which has been in effect since 2014.
LCG collaborated with several community institutions to host activities throughout the week centered on infrastructure, neighborhood planning, smart city efforts, grant writing, historic preservation, Project Front Yard, and the CREATE Initiative. The week also combined public and private collaboration with the Opportunity Machine’s Innovation Conference featuring a CREATE challenge track with teams competing for the best solution to three CREATE challenges.
Calendar of events was as follows:  
  • COMPLETED!​Monday, Oct. 29  |  11 a.m.  |  CREATE: Fundraising Workshop - You may be ready, but are your board and your donors ready? This informative session will guide you through the questions organizations and their boards need to be asking themselves in order to assess… Are you ready for a Capital Fundraising Campaign?
  • COMPLETED!​ Monday, Oct. 29  |  11:30 a.m.  |  Multi-functional Infrastructure Projects - Making the most use out of our roads, parks, drainage projects.
  • COMPLETED!​ Monday, Oct. 29  |  12 p.m.   |  CREATE: PACE Teaching Artist Class Invitation - Ever wonder exactly what PACE is and what happens in a class? Join us to see Creative Movement Teaching Artist, Theresa Wasiloski in action in Mrs. Graham’s 1st grade Class at Middlebrook Elementary. Program directors will briefly explain the program and its goals, the Teaching Artist will explain a bit about the day’s lesson and then we’ll visit a class to see it in action! Group sizes are limited so pre-registration is required. Meet at the front office to join the group.
  • COMPLETED!​Monday, Oct. 29  |  1:30 p.m.  |  Bike Facility Workshop - Help plan Lafayette's bike network
  • COMPLETED!​ Monday, Oct. 29  |  5:30 p.m.  |  Complete Buildings make Complete Streets - Learn from the developer of the Less Pay site how street design and public infrastructure matter to successful buildings!
  • COMPLETED!​ Tuesday, Oct. 30  |  8:30 a.m.  |  Ride Lafayette Panel on Public Transit - Public Transportation is in the business of moving people with many improvements made possible through public private partnerships to improve the experience for everyone.
  • COMPLETED!​ Tuesday, Oct. 30  |  10 a.m.  |  Neighborhood Planning Seminar - Ever wonder what it would take to become a neighborhood organization? Want to know how you can make an impact on distressed properties? This two-part session will arm you with the knowledge you need for both.
  • COMPLETED!​ Tuesday, Oct. 30  |  2 p.m.  |  Street Trees as Multi-Taskers in Public-Private-Partnerships - Trees can be champions of good for streets and public spaces. Learn about LCG's new Street Tree Policy and how your organization or business can plant trees through public-private-partnerships.
  • COMPLETED!​ Tuesday, Oct. 30  |  4 p.m.  |  CREATE: How to Use Storytelling for Social Media and PR Success ​- We all have a story to tell and that goes for your business, organization, project, or maybe it's your own story. During this social media workshop, you'll learn the latest tools of the trade from marketing gurus, Rodney and Laurel Hess from Rally Marketing.
  • COMPLETED!​ Tuesday, Oct. 30  |  6 p.m.  |  CREATE: Parks & Recreation Open House - Learn more about our Parks and Recreation Department and special programming that may surprise you during an Open House event at the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center, Tuesday, October 30 from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
  • COMPLETED!​ Wednesday, Oct. 31  |  8 a.m.  |  Project Front Yard Summit - ​The half-day event will bring businesses, civic organizations and individuals together to address community beautification and encourage volunteerism.
  • COMPLETED!​ Wednesday, Oct. 31  |  8:15 a.m.  |  CREATE: PACE Teaching Artist Class Invitation - Ever wonder exactly what PACE is and what happens in a class? Join us to see Visual Arts Teaching Artist, Ben Guidry in action in Mrs. Guilbeau’s 1st grade Class at Prairie Elementary. Program directors will briefly explain the program and its goals, the Teaching Artist will explain a bit about the day’s lesson and then we’ll visit a class to see it in action! Group sizes are limited so pre-registration is required. Meet at the front office to join the group.
  • COMPLETED!​ Wednesday, Oct. 31  |  12 p.m.  |  CREATE: Culture Means Business CREATE Forum - In Lafayette, we mean business, when we talk about our culture. It's what makes us who we are and it often makes the difference between someone staying or moving here. Talk with the CREATE team and locals who are embracing the cultural economy to strengthen Lafayette.
  • COMPLETED!​ Wednesday, Oct. 31  |  2 p.m.  |  Lafayette: Our Roadmap to a Smarter City - What is a Smart City and how can Lafayette continue its reputation of Innovation with an Accent? The Smart City Roadmap for Lafayette is a new innovation with international partners working together to make Lafayette an even smarter city.
  • COMPLETED!​ Wednesday, Oct. 31  |  6 p.m.  |  Trunk or Treat with Lafayette Police - Meet your local neighborhood precinct captain at the Lafayette Police Department's Trunk or Treat with candy for all kids in grades K-5. All kids must be accompanied by an adult.
  • COMPLETED!​​ Thursday, Nov. 1  |  8:30 a.m.  |  HUD Capacity Building and Grant Writing Training (Day 1) - Applying for competitive federal funding? Join us for information to understand grant processes, board development and leveraging public-private-partnerships.
  • COMPLETED!​ Thursday, Nov. 1  |  9 a.m.  |  CREATE: Opportunity Machine Innovation Conference Opening - Opportunity Machine's Innovation Conference (OMIC) is a three-day series of networking events, panel discussions, pitch competitions, educational sessions and keynote presentations that highlight innovation, creativity and forward thinking in business.
  • COMPLETED!​ Thursday, Nov. 1  |  12:15 p.m.  |  CREATE: Opportunity Machine Innovation Conference CREATE Initiative Panel Discussion - Join in on a discussion about the CREATE Initiative featuring panelists, Mayor-President Joel Robideaux; Ben Berthelot, CEO of Lafayette Travel; Johnathan Williams, Founder of Love of People and Clare Cook, Founder of Basin Arts.
  • COMPLETED!​ Friday, Nov. 2  |  8:30 a.m.  |  HUD Capacity Building and Grant Writing Training (Day 2) - Applying for competitive federal funding? Join us for information to understand grant processes, board development and leveraging public-private-partnerships.
  • COMPLETED!​ Friday, Nov. 2  |  9 a.m.  |  CREATE: Opportunity Machine Innovation Conference Creative Entrepreneurship with Enoch Elwell - Enoch Elwell comes to Lafayette from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Enoch’s dynamic workshop will offer insight on such topics as Entrepreneurial Ecosystem development, stages of community growth and growing grassroots efforts.
  • COMPLETED! ​Friday, Nov. 2  |  10:30 a.m.  |  Practical Ways to Save Historic Buildings - Learn from historic building developers and historic preservation experts about the details on what makes the economics work for a successful historic rehabilitation project, and afterwards, watch a practical demonstration on how to restore historic wooden windows.
  • COMPLETED!​ Friday, Nov. 2  |  11:30 a.m.  |  Stormwater Management: Best Practices From Near and Far - ​For more than a decade Louisiana has remained in a perpetual state of recovery as evidenced by the repeated disaster declarations and the billions of dollars allocated for disaster recovery. In August 2016, prolonged rainfall in south Louisiana, particularly in the Acadiana Region, resulted in catastrophic flooding. Impacts of the 2016 Flooding Event have led planners, engineers, local government and Universities to think differently about stormwater and watershed management. Acadiana has led the State of Louisiana in unprecedented collaboration which is evolving into a long-term, multi-jurisdictional effort to manage Louisiana watersheds. This panel discussion seeks to highlight national, state, and local best practices for stormwater and watershed management through the collaborative efforts of public, private, and institutions of higher education.
  • COMPLETED!​ Friday, Nov. 2  |  2 p.m.  |  Historic Wooden Window Restoration - Participate in a workshop focusing on rehabilitation vs. replacement of wooden windows with a window repair and re-glazing demonstration by Staub Window Restorations.
  • COMPLETED!​ Friday, Nov. 2  |  2:30 p.m.  |  CREATE: Opportunity Machine Innovation Conference Next Generation Blockchain Ecosystems with Joe Castille - Joe Castille is the co-founder of Crypto Research; a start-up based in Lafayette and will share current research and development focused on exceptional use cases that serve people and the public interest enabled by the global blockchain ecosystem.
  • COMPLETED!​ Friday, Nov. 2  |  3:45 p.m.  |  CREATE: Opportunity Machine Innovation Conference Musical Instrument Library, M.I.Brary with Dr. Ryan Cazares - Dr. Cazares is an Optometrist and entrepreneur in Scott, LA and is also the singer and guitarist for local rock band Dr. C & the Gris Gris. In 2017, he was awarded $7,000 in grants to start the Lafayette Community M.I.Brary, or Musical Instrument Library. He’ll share the inspirational story about how the M.I.Brary was launched through the Lafayette Public Library, allowing library cardholders to check out musical instruments.
  • COMPLETED!​ Saturday, Nov. 3 |  10 a.m.  |  University Avenue Corridor & Simcoe Corridor Study Area Bus Tour - Come join us on a free bus tour of the University Avenue Corridor and see how you can help revitalize the gateway into Lafayette! All ages welcome.
  • COMPLETED!​ S​aturday, Nov. 3  |  6 p.m.  |  CREATE: Opportunity Machine Innovation Conference Pitchers and Drafts - Pitchers and Drafts is a reverse pitch competition where Lafayette organizations pitch challenges to creative teams who will deploy solutions to pitch back for prizes and the potential to help develop and support the Lafayette Parish community. This year, the CREATE Initiative will present 3-4 challenges for registered teams to develop solutions for. Teams must consist of 2-6 people with 1-2 able to pitch their solution at the event. The winning team for this year’s competition will receive a stipend and a three-month Dream Up membership with the Opportunity Machine.

PlanLafayette Week 2017
Lafayette Consolidated Government hosted PlanLafayette Week August 21-26 with a variety of informative sessions focused on Lafayette’s Comprehensive Plan. LCG partnered with several community partners to host activities.

  • COMPLETED!​ ​Monday, Aug. 21, 7:30 a.m. - Downtown Action Plan Update, Presented by Downtown Development Authority (DDA) (Download the report on the Downtown Action Plan here.)​
  • COMPLETED!​ Monday, Aug. 21, 11:30 a.m. - Rethinking PARK(ing), Presented by ReCover Acadiana, DDA, Downtown Lafayette Unlimited and Downtown Restaurant and Bar Associatione
  • COMPLETED!​Tuesday, Aug. 22, 7:30 a.m. - Congress Case Study and LPTFA Campus Tour, Presented by Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority (Download the report here.)
  • COMPLETED! Tuesday, Aug. 22, 11:30 a.m. - Focus on Drainage: Development Workshop, Presented by REALTORS® Commercial Alliance of Acadiana (Download the presentation here.)
  • COMPLETED! Wednesday, Aug. 23, 9:30 a.m. - Project Front Yard Summit, Presented by Lafayette Economic Development Authority (Download the compiled presentation deck here.)
  • COMPLETED! Thursday, Aug. 24, 9 a.m. - Capacity-Building & Grant Writing Tips by Crystal Taylor-Jones, Presented by Housing & Urban Development New Orleans Field Office
  • COMPLETED! Thursday, Aug. 24, 12 p.m. - Housing & Redevelopment, A Panel Discussion, Presented by One Acadiana
  • COMPLETED! Thursday, Aug. 24, 5:30 p.m. - Fair Housing Assessment: Open House, Presented by Lafayette Consolidated Government’s Community Development and Planning, Zoning & Development Departments
  • COMPLETED! Friday, Aug. 25, 7:30 a.m. - CREATE Summit, Day 1, Presented by Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission
  • COMPLETED! Saturday, Aug. 26, 7:30 a.m. - CREATE Summit, Day 2, Presented by Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission
PlanLafayette Week 2015
PlanLafayette Week was held from February 4-11, 2015. The second annual series of events demonstrated ongoing implementation of the plan's action items as well as those action items on the horizon. It also provided an opportunity to hear from planning experts from across the country as they shared their expertise to help move one or more action items along.
Events were sponsored by various community stakeholders who have a vested interest in one or more action items.
If you missed PlanLafayette Week, click the links below to watch the videos!
PlanLafayette Week 2014
Plan Lafayette Week was a successful celebration of the release of the core Comprehensive Plan document at Community Forum Series 4. There were fourteen events the week of February 5 to the 12, 2014. The week started with a Council Declaration on Tuesday, February 5 and was kicked off by Mayor-President, Joey Durel, at his State of the Parish address on Wednesday, February 6. The rest of the week was full of privately sponsored events that highlight the 4 Big Ideas of the Comprehensive Plan. Also, there were public meetings for three small areas that will demonstrate best practices in development. Last but not least, was a celebration of the Comprehensive Plan, at the Science Museum on Saturday ArtWalk that had more than 900 people walk through the exhibit. 
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