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  • PlanLafayette annual amendments are up for final adoption on Monday, July 17.

PlanLafayette Week 2015
PlanLafayette Week was held from February 4-11, 2015. The second annual series of events demonstrated ongoing implementation of the plan's action items as well as those action items on the horizon. It also provided an opportunity to hear from planning experts from across the country as they shared their expertise to help move one or more action items along.
Events were sponsored by various community stakeholders who have a vested interest in one or more action items.
If you missed PlanLafayette Week, click the links below to watch the videos!
PlanLafayette Week 2014
Plan Lafayette Week was a successful celebration of the release of the core Comprehensive Plan document at Community Forum Series 4. There were fourteen events the week of February 5 to the 12, 2014. The week started wtih a Council Declaration on Tuesday, February 5 and was kicked off by Mayor-President, Joey Durel, at his State of the Parish address on Wednesday, February 6. The rest of the week was full of privately sponsored events that highlight the 4 Big Ideas of the Comprehensive Plan. Also, there were public meetings for three small areas that will demonstrate best practices in development. Last but not least, was a celebration of the Comprehensive Plan, at the Science Museum on Saturday ArtWalk that had more than 900 people walk through the exhibit.