The Evangeline Corridor Initiative Multiway Boulevard - Pathway to Economic Recovery
On October 16, LCG submitted an application to the US Department of Transportation for a FY17 TIGER (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery) Discrectionary grant to convert the current Evangeline Thruway, through a phased process, into a multiway boulevard. 

The FY17 TIGER grant application seeks capital funds to construct a fully functional multiway boulevard in place of the current Evangeline Thruway from Jefferson Boulevard south to Taft Street.  The mulitway boulevard would still function as frontage roads for the I-49 Connector project, but in a way that provides enhanced benefits to the neighborhoods, the urban core and Lafayette.

The multi-way boulevard features a series of raised medians that help separate high-speed traffic from lower-speed neighborhood traffic and provide pedestrians safe places to wait while crossing across the boulevard. Street parking slows down local traffic while boosting economic activity. Wide sidewalks, street trees, and landscaping provide pedestrians and bicyclists safe places to walk and set the table for neighborhood-friendly economic development.

This project will engineer and construct a multiway boulevard using a variety of funding sources. The Evangeline Thruway Redevelopment Team will continue to engage the public to ensure neighborhood revitalization can be maximized while also improving mobility and safety. More importantly, this project will start repairing the negative impacts from the barrier caused by the Thruway built decades ago—a facility that was designed to move vehicles as quickly as possible through the heart of Lafayatte with little context sensitive design considerations for the adjacent community and environment. The Multiway Boulevard, in contrast, will balance the needs of traffic against the ability for people to walk safely in their neighborhood. Rather than presenting challenges to economic development, the Multiway Boulevard will incentivize the type of neighborhood-friendly economic development that the community said it wanted during the public input portion of the TIGER planning grant process—called the Evangeline Corridor Initiative.

LCG FY17 TIGER Grant: The Evangeline Corridor Initiative Multiway Boulevard - Pathway to Economic Recovery




Supporting Documents

LCG Council and Evangeline Thruway Redevelopment Team Resolutions

Letters of Support

Acadiana MPO Transportation Improvement Program Application Letter

Benefit - Cost Analysis Memo

Benefit - Cost Analysis Calculations

Benefit - Cost Analysis Workbook


Proposed Design Graphics

Multiway Boulevard Perspective View

Multiway Boulevard Plan View and Cross Section