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What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a long-range plan or “guidebook” for a community’s growth, development and redevelopment. It is a vision for the future that plans for a twenty year time period, based on local conditions, values and aspirations. It is called comprehensive because it coordinates the efforts of many different aspects of a community, such as land use, transportation, and economic development.
One of the most important purposes of a Comprehensive Plan is to formally identify the elements that create a thriving, attractive community: one that offers viable options to its residents regarding where and how they want to live, work, and play. For this reason, public input is essential to developing a successful plan. The plan will gather ideas from the Lafayette community, while the process will provide a forum for residents to talk and work together to solve shared problems.

About the Process

LCG will develop the Comprehensive Plan with assistance from a consulting team over a two-year process. The team will work closely with LCG staff and a citizens advisory committee to prepare the plan.
The planning process will occur in three phases: project kickoff, setting a vision and plan framework, and developing the plan document. In the early stages, the consultant team will collect information, conduct interviews, and listen to the community’s concerns and ideas.
There will be four series of public meetings throughout the process, in addition to a variety of opportunities for people to get together and provide input through “meetings-in-a-box” and other means. The process will be driven by public input - your input - at every step.


Who's Involved?

The Comprehensive Plan Citizens Advisory Committee (CPCAC) includes 38 community members and leaders - representation from the City-Parish Planning Commission, the LINC Citizen Committee members, representatives of neighborhood, civic, and cultural organizations, and business owners. CPCAC will meet on a regular basis to discuss issues, advise the LCG planning team and consultant team, promote citizen engagement, provide feedback, and help guide the planning effort.
LCG selected a consultant team, led by WRT, to assist Lafayette in developing our Comprehensive Plan. WRT is a national planning and design firm which has completed or is working on comprehensive plans for numerous communities across the country, including Austin, TX; Albany, NY; Portsmouth, VA; Biloxi, MS; and St. Charles Parish, LA.
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