Lafayette City-Parish Council District 6

Council Member Bruce Conque District 6
Bruce M Conque, Council Member
Phone: (337) 291-8806

Bruce Conque is a native of Lafayette.  “I grew up in what was a small town environment and have participated in our development as a major Louisiana city.”

As Chairman of the Lafayette Planning Commission, Conque signed off on PlanLafayette in 2014, and in 2015, he helped direct the creation of a streamlined, easy to use Unified Development Code which supports the implementation of the comprehensive plan.

“We have crafted a framework for ensuring a bright future for our community, now we must continue to take action on implementation, to support the 20-year vision of PlanLafayette, and to help develop the big picture that I see of a dynamic community that plans for the future while embracing our unique history.”

As an involved citizen for over two decades, Conque played a major role in creating the LUS Fiber network and was an early champion of “The Horse Farm”, a major public park under development in the center of Lafayette.  These are just two of many innovative actions that assure Lafayette a bright future.  However, Conque says there is much remaining to be done and he embraces:

Four Big Ideas of PlanLafayette

  • Assure that we are making the best use of tax dollars as we build smarter, more efficient governments.
  • Strengthen our neighborhoods, increase housing choices and support business.
  • Find opportunity in our environmental challenges; and
  • Invest in community assets that define and maintain our status as the Hub City.

Conque was also vice-chairman of the Lafayette Charter Commission which created public awareness of the inequities of the Lafayette City-Parish Home Rule Charter and the need to amend a document which has been essentially unchanged since 1996.

“District 6 is in the heart of Lafayette and, in many ways, it is the heartbeat of the community.  The city needs its own Council which protects our interests, especially those issues involving our city-owned Lafayette Utilities system, the spending of our tax dollars and our police and fire protection.”

Conque has a history of Community service.  “I lead by example.  I’m already spearheading efforts to strengthen our gateways, specifically University Avenue which cuts through the center of Lafayette.  I serve on advisory boards and commissions which seek to improve the health of the Bayou Vermilion, increase recreational opportunities including new walking and hiking trails and bike paths; preserve and develop our historical Downtown Lafayette; promote the arts, culture and entertainment community; and fully support Project Front Yard.”

“I look forward to help charting our future.”


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