Hurricane Season Message and Planning

Tropical storms and hurricanes are a fact of life in our region of the country. It only makes good sense to have as much information as possible to minimize the potentially devastating effects that these two natural events may cause. The Hurricane Handbook, produced by Lafayette Utilities System and Lafayette Consolidated Government, has been designed to provide important information to help you prepare your family and your home by planning ahead. Planning now will allow you to decrease the dangers of these storms, as well as reduce the discomforts of the recovery time required to return your life to normal.

I urge you to obtain a handbook, and start to prepare before the advent of the hurricane season on June 1st of each year. The handbook is filled with important and vital information, along with a handy checklist, to help in your preparations. Read this important and informative document with your family and create your own personal family disaster plan, one that fits your individual needs and lifestyle. When you are finished, rehearse with your family and be sure to keep it on hand during hurricane season. Always remember, when you think of tropical storms and hurricanes in our area, the key point to comprehend is not “IF” they will happen, but “WHEN” will they happen, and that being prepared is the best defense.

To obtain a copy of the Hurricane Handbook you may contact Lafayette Utilities System at

To obtain additional information on disaster planning and related topics and links, visit the Lafayette Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness on their web site at: or contact them at 291-5075.

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