Mosquito Control Program

The Mosquito Control Program In Lafayette Parish

Lafayette Parish has one to the most effective and technologically advanced mosquito control programs in the United States. Every mosquito spray vehicle is tracked by GPS tracking to insure consistency of the program and accountability of every tax-payer dollar spent. The goal of the program is to keep mosquito populations to a tolerable level, control disease carried by mosquitoes, and to accomplish this objective without undue risks to the environment or the residents.

To learn more important facts about the Lafayette Parish Mosquito Control Program, along with other important information on mosquitoes, you may call Mosquito Control Contractors Inc. at their office in Scott, 593-0123 or visit their Web Site at The web site contains information such as:

  • Spray Schedule
  • About the Contractor (MCCI)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Types of Mosquitoes
  • West Nile
  • Educational Information
  • Spray Requests
  • Inspection Requests
  • Dead Bird Reports
  • Presentations