Code Enforcement

EQ Code EnforcementOverview:

The Code Enforcement Section enforces local environmental codes concerning tall grass, litter and debris, junked items, rodent infestation, and other nuisances. The section also manages the solid waste contract for curbside collection of garbage and yard waste and ensures commercial establishments and residential housing maintain proper waste disposal services. Local ordinances enforced by this section can be found in Chapters 34 (Environment), 42 (Health and Sanitation), 74 (Solid Waste), and 97 (Vegetation) of the LCG Code of Ordinances. Code Enforcement personnel actively participate in the Clean City Committee meetings, Neighborhood Assistance Team, and various other organizations pursuing the goal of keeping Lafayette Parish clean and beautiful. From November 2003 through October 2004, the Code Enforcement Section received 4,339 requests for service resulting in 2,486 violation letters issued and 662 contracted clean-ups. This section performs a vital public service in assisting the citizens in the creation a more clean and beautiful Lafayette.

To find out more information about local environmental codes, solid waste collection, how to participate in any of the above-mentioned groups, or ways to help on-going efforts to keep Lafayette Parish clean and beautiful please contact the Code Enforcement Section at (337) 291-8518.

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