Curbside Collection Maps

Curbside CollectionGarbage/Yard Waste (Map) - Single family homes, duplexes and triplexes in the City of Lafayette and unincorporated Lafayette Parish have once a week collection of both garbage and yard waste. Both your garbage and all of your yard waste (including large piles of branches) are collected on the same day. To find out when your collection day is, click on the link to the Garbage/Yard Waste pick – up map, type in your address, then click locate.

Curbside yard waste collection –

  • Residents within the City of Lafayette and those residing in unincorporated Lafayette Parish have once a week curbside collection of yard waste
  • Only tree wood, grass, weeds, and shrub clippings will be picked up as yard waste. No trash mixed in with yard waste please
  • Branches/limbs should be cut no longer than six feet
  • Limbs can be no larger than 18 inches in diameter, and if a limb is 18" in diameter, it should be cut into two-foot sections
  • No single item can weigh over 50 pounds. Do not tie or bundle any branches
  • Simply stack them neatly in front of your house, as far away from your garbage can as possible
  • Smaller items such as grass and shrub clippings should be put into a yard bag, or you may place smaller yard debris into a garbage can, and leave the top off so the truck driver can identify it as yard waste
  • Garbage cans used for yard waste can be no larger than 35-gallons
  • Garbage cans full of yard waste cannot exceed 50 pounds. Bags full of yard waste cannot exceed 35 pounds
  • Please place regular garbage and your yard waste as far apart as possible on the curb

No processed wood or lumber is accepted, nor is any trash other than tree waste and green waste.

Root balls from trees, with the massive quantities of roots and compacted dirt, cannot be accepted at the Compost Facility.

Large piles that a resident generates without hiring a contractor can be placed curbside and Republic Services will pick up the large pile.

Residents who have hired a contractor to cut a tree or prune large quantities of branches do not qualify for the weekly curbside collection of yard waste. Residents who hire out such work must make arrangements with the contractor to have the large quantity of tree waste removed and disposed of by the contractor. If residents bring yard waste into the facility at 400 Dugas Road, they must pay $6.00 per cubic yard (equivalent to a half-ton pickup bed full).

For information call 291-8529.

Our yard waste is turned into Compost that is free to our residents. To find out more click the link below.

For inquiries and/or complaints, (missed garbage collection), please call Republic Services (337) 806-2000.

Bulky Waste - Large Appliances, Furniture & Other Items (Map) - These items are collected curbside once a month by Republic Services. Large appliances include refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, window-unit air conditioners, and water heaters. Furniture is also included in this once a month collection of “large items.” Construction debris will not be collected as “large items.” Construction debris must be in the 96-gallon cart with the lid closed to be collected. All residents are assigned a particular week of the month – specifically, week 1, week 2, week 3, or week 4 – that the area in which your address lies is scheduled for large item collection. To determine your collection week, click the “Map link” in blue, type in your address, then click locate.


Recycling (Map) - Curbside recycling pick-up is available weekly for City of Lafayette single family homes. To find out what day recycled goods are collected, click the link to the recycling map, type your address, then click locate.

Still have a brown recycling bin? Please click here to request pick up. NOTE: Choose the request type Old Recycling Cart Removal.

City of Lafayette or unincorporated ares of Lafayette Parish Drop Locations:

  • Republic Services office at 102 BJ Services Dr in Lafayette


For more information on any of these collection services please contact LCG Environmental Quality at (337) 291-8529.