Vermilion River Storm Water Outfalls

Vermilion River Discharge

The Vermilion River runs 33.5 miles through Lafayette Parish. Our storm water drainage system including man made and natural waterways empty into the river without pollution treatment or removal. Lafayette Consolidated Government and Lafayette Parish Bayou Vermilion District are working to reduce pollution entering into the Vermilion through the storm water drainage system. To help understand where contamination may be coming from, we have created a map the, BVD Vermilion River Outfall Photo Map, with all the storm water outfalls along the river. 

The Lafayette Parish Bayou Vermilion District has collected all of the data using a Global Positioning System and corresponding photos. Click on the outfalls using the hyperlink key or information key to learn more and see photos. To find out more about the Vermilion Bayou, click on, or learn more about Lafayette Consolidated Government’s Environmental Programs.