Emergency Operations

This division is responsible for combating fire; saving life and property through fire overhaul and salvage operations.


  • Responds to fire alarms and emergency calls, including hazardous materials and rescue; removes or extricates persons from hazardous conditions including confined space rescue; administers first aid to injured persons. Responds to medical calls as “First Responders” and utilize A.E.D.s to defibrillate patients and aid the local ambulance service in preparing the patient for transport.
  • Prepares pre-fire plans on all commercial building in the City of Lafayette to better prepare for an emergency condition.
  • Combats fire through fire overhaul and salvage operations.
  • Maintains and equips apparatus to respond to any incident called upon 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • Participates in a continuing program of training and instruction, including attendance at scheduled drills and classes.
  • Promotes fire safety through station tours/truck showings to the public.



The Emergency Operations division is responsible for saving life and property through fire overhauls and salvage operations, which cover an area of 47.49 square miles in the City of Lafayette. Emergency operations also respond to outlying areas of the City rendering mutual aid assistance to volunteers in the Parish of Lafayette, which cover approximately 30 square miles. Our Hazardous Materials unit, which was organized in April 1985 under an agreement between the City of Lafayette and the Lafayette Parish Sheriff Department, responds to all hazardous materials calls in the entire Parish of Lafayette and sometimes assist agencies outside of the Parish. This division is comprised of three crews working shift work (24 hrs. on, 24 hrs. off, 24 on 24 off, 24 on 4 days off). This division is comprised of 1 Deputy Fire Chief, 4 Assistant Chiefs, 12 District Chiefs, 1 Hazardous Materials Coordinator, 69 Captains, 67 Engineers, and 68 Firefighters. A Stores Clerk and one (1) Departmental Records Clerk is also assigned to this division for a total of 224 employees within this division.

  • Responsible for the upkeep of 13 fire stations located throughout the City of Lafayette. Fire station #4 is scheduled for remodeling soon.
  • Utilizes 16 pumpers, 4 ladder companies, 1 Hazardous Materials unit, 2 Rescue units and 1 Foam truck and insures that all apparatus are equipped and ready to respond at all times. 2 pumpers were added in December of 2007 and 2 aerials are scheduled to be added early in 2008.
  • Pre-fire plans all commercial buildings in the City.
  • At present, all of our Firefighters are required to hold a Louisiana Firefighter I certification and a D.O.T. First Responder Certification.