The Hazardous Materials Division provides assistance to Emergency Operations to make the City and Parish as safe as possible from the dangers of hazardous chemicals, biological, and radiological problems.


  • Responds to all hazardous materials incidents within the City and Parish of Lafayette which pose a threat to life and property and which cannot be extinguished by conventional means.
  • Identifies hazardous materials by operating a mobile hazardous materials unit; assists with emergency scene operations; and locating specialized technical assistance needed.
  • Attends annual training at Haz-Mat Awareness (1st phase), Operations (2nd phase), or Technician (3rd phase) level for annual recertification.
  • Maintains and equips hazardous materials mobile unit for immediate response 24 hours per day, 7 days per week within the City and Parish of Lafayette.



This division is comprised of one (1) Hazardous Materials Coordinator. This individual is responsible for overseeing personnel within the Emergency Operations division trained and assigned to the Hazardous Materials unit. This individual is under the direct supervision of the Deputy Fire Chief of the Emergency Operations Division.

  • Responsible for preparing budget for this division.
  • Supervises all personnel within department which are assigned for training in hazardous materials or at the scene of a hazardous materials incident.
  • Maintains and oversees all records and reports involving any hazardous materials incident.
  • Directs training of personnel assigned to this unit.