Fire Training

This division is primarily responsible for providing up-to-date, cost effective training to our new recruits utilizing skilled, safe instruction from four (4) Training Officers at our Training Center and to provide training to our seasoned Firefighters keeping them at the top of their form.


  • Trains all new recruits
  • Trains all Fire Department personnel
  • Prepares in-service training
  • Maintains required Haz-Mat training
  • Maintains and evolve Louisiana certification program



The Training division has one (1) Chief of Training, four (4) Fire Training Officers, and one (1) Departmental Records Clerk.

  • Applicants that are hired must undergo approximately twenty-two (22) weeks of training in the department’s Firefighter Academy.
  • All members of the Fire Department must meet standards of performance set by IFSAC and NFPA. It is the duty of the Training Division to see that these standards are achieved and skills maintained by all firefighters. This is done by a blend of classroom instruction, drill field evolutions and proficiency evaluations.
  • At present, all Firefighters are required to hold a Louisiana Firefighter I certification. This is accomplished through the Training division.
  • The Training division must keep abreast of new developments in firefighting and incorporate new techniques in the training of firefighters.



  • Officer Management Program
  • Haz-Mat Awareness and Operations Program
  • Engineers OJT Program
  • Inservice Training Program
  • ISO Mandated Training Program
  • Pre-Fire Plan Program
  • Recruit Training Program
  • Special Schools Program
  • Recruiting Program
  • Safety Program
  • EMS Program