Aerial Ftp Download Map


Lafayette Consolidated Government contracted the Aerial photo mapping of Lafayette Parish in 1998. These aerials have been invaluable in the development of LCG’s GIS data. These photos continue to provide stunning visuals to assist in many of the day-to-day analysis made in our Government.

LCG has decided to post these aerial photos on an ftp site for the general public to download as they need. Each aerial photo covers a spatial area of 5000 feet by 5000 feet. They are organized in a grid with the North to South axis labeled from A to Z and the West to East axis labeled from 1 to 24.

While the ftp site has a url which is directly available via the internet, the GIS section has developed an Interactive Map which will allow a user to type in an Address and auto zoom to the grid associated with that Address to allow a quick and accurate means of retrieving a specific photo associated with the Address area.

Note: These photos are jpegs, which are about 3 megabytes in size. Downloading time varies depending on your connection speed.]

How To Use

Click on Aerial FTP Download link in the GIS MENU sidebar. An Interactive Map page is displayed. A Progression indicator floats atop the map area to show that the server is busy by displaying a black banner labeled “Retrieving map”. Any time this banner is visible do not click on the map until the map image retrieval is finished (Time dependent upon connection speed and server load).

The initial Map display reveals the entire Parish with the aerial photo grid overlaying the Parish. Each grid is labeled with the grid name, which identifies the photo for that grid area. If you recognize at that zoom level which grid you are interested in, you can click in the grid and you will be automatically hyperlinked to the ftp site’s folder containing that aerial photo. Right Click on the Folder select COPY TO FOLDER. Navigate to a place on your hard drive you would like to save the folder and click OK.

You can then close that ftp window and click in another grid cell and repeat the process to download as many aerial photos as you wish.

Otherwise this Interactive Map is designed for the user to type in an Address (must be a valid House number and street name or two intersecting streets) and click on the Locate button. The map will auto zoom to that Address area.

Once zoomed to an Address the address point will be labeled and you can click anywhere near the address point to hyperlink to the ftp site and download the aerial photo associated with that address as described above.

Do not use your browsers “BACK” page or arrow to get back to the GIS MENU. The interactive Map Server does not allow the normal function of these back functions and will only cause the map to un-draw and display unexpected results. Click the “CLOSE” box, or click the "Back" link (See Below) in the Left Tool bar Frame. Re-launch the Interactive Map from the GIS MENU page to begin again.