Map Orientation

LCG’s GIS uses a Map Server to provide interactive maps to the Web. These maps are customizable by the user. A suite of Tools, which allow Zooming, Panning, Querying, Printing and Address Location are provided in each map. Once in the Map environment, click on the Help link, on the top Tool bar Frame to learn more about these tools. 

The Interactive Maps are grouped here for quick access from the GIS section. There are also links distributed throughout the LCG Website that launch the same Maps from the various departments whose functional areas are depicted in these maps.

If you want to access an Interactive Map that you have already used once on the LCG Website and cannot remember the context from which you accessed it, you can always come to the GIS section to find that same Map.

Your connection speed is important when accessing these interactive maps. Low speed dial up connections 28.8Kps and less will work, however patience will be necessary. Each Pan, Zoom or variation of the map will cause a new image to be transmitted from the server to your PC. The result of any single click can take up to a minute or more. Do not continue to click; this will only stall the serving of a new map image. Broadband connections are suggested for a responsive session and even Broadband connections will experience some delay between a click and a response.

The “How To Use” Section for each Interactive map is meant only to be an introduction to each maps functionality. As you use these maps feel free to experiment with the tools and develop the sense of the versatility offered. The tools’ function is the same from map to map so that what you learn from any map transfers to the other Interactive Maps.

These Maps have been developed with the latest technology and are compatible with most of today’s browsers, however older browsers may experience problems. Users are encouraged to keep their software updated. All users who are experiencing problems should first try clearing their browser’s cache and retrying the Interactive Map link.

The Interactive Maps that are currently implemented are as follows and you can click on any of them to find out more details:


For usage of any of the GIS Web content, please see the Disclaimer.