Communications & Printing

The printing section, through its staff of two full time, one part time and one shared position, uses late model digital photo-imaging and printing in addition to traditional off set presses to serve all printing, binding and related needs of the City Parish Government. The division's mail communications section provides, through its staff of three full time and two shared positions, mail, telephone answering and call directing services for the city parish government, including a substantial utility billing function. The division's telecommunications section, of one full time and one shared employee, provides technical services all telecommunications equipment for LCG, as well as administering policy and billing for regular and wireless telecommunications services. The printing and communications sections are enterprise funds which carefully record the expenses of their operations and re-bill the appropriate users to recover these expenses and keep the funds balanced. The division has, in recent years, acquired modern digital equipment, reduced its staff by two full time positions and reduced the hours of a third to half time, while keeping its level of service unchanged and balancing its enterprise funds.