Mardi Gras Information

Lafayette Mardi Gras
2014 Public Works Mardi Gras Schedule
Lafayette Consolidated Government Public Works Department will be preparing for parades and other activities. Below is a work schedule:

**Route change:  No change for Rio Parade.  All other parades 2/28 - 3/04 will be extended north of Reinhardt to Gate 2 to enter Cajun Field. Basically 650' longer along N. College.  The rest of the parade route is the same.
  • Thursday, February 20 - 8:00 am - Place barricades at the beginning of the parade route (Downtown area). We start at the Jefferson/Simcoe St. intersection and place along the route up to the Johnston/Vermilion St. intersection.
  • Friday, February 21 - 8:00 am - Resume placing barricades from the Johnston/Vermilion St. intersection along Johnston St. to N. College (Albertson's/Cici's Pizza shopping center), then along N. College to the Cajun Field entrance at Reinhardt Dr. Barricades will be placed to allow for "turn lanes" and major cross-overs along Johnston St. and N. College Dr.
  • Saturday, February 22 - 6:30 pm - Public Works crews move the barricades to the sides of the roads and clean up litter and debris along the route.
  • Thursday, February 27 - 8:00 am - Place barricades from sides of the road back along the "Downtown" parade route up to Johnston St.
  • Friday, February 28 - 8:00 am - Place barricades from the sides of the road back along the "Johnston St./N. College" parade route.One change to mention is that the parade route and barricade placement will be extended past Reinhardt Dr. (approximately 650') and end at the Gate 2 access to Cajun Field due to previously scheduled UL baseball games.  Gate 2 is located along N. College between Reinhardt Dr. and W. Congress St.
  • Saturday, March 1 - 6:30 pm - Crews clean up litter and debris along the parade route. Barricades remain in place.
  • Tuesday, March 4 - MARDI GRAS DAY - 2:00 pm – Crews move barricades from the route to the sides of the roads.
  • Tuesday, March 4 - 11:00 pm until... - Crews clean up litter and debris along the parade route and adjacent areas.
  • Wednesday, March 5 - No work for Public Works Operations Streets and Drainage crews
  • Thursday, March 6 and Friday, March 7 - 7:00 am - Crews pick up barricades from the Mardi Gras route and place along the Black Heritage Parade route along W. Willow St.  Remaining barricades from the Mardi Gras route are returned to the PW yard on Dorset Avenue.


Other information:

  • The parade route is 3.9 miles long.
  • We place approximately 5,500 barricades along the route and adjacent areas for crowd control and safety reasons.
  • Seven 30 cubic yard roll-off dumpsters are utilized for trash and debris disposal.
  • 121 portable toilets are placed along the parade route.