Planning Commission

DevelopmentIf the property being platted is greater than five acres in size, or if five or more lots are being created, or it new public or private streets are being dedicated, then the plat must be approved by the Planning Commission.

Approval by the Planning Commission generally takes between 30-45 days to complete. Since the property being platted is usually a large tract of property, and new streets are being created, the review and approval time needs to be more detailed.

The fees associated with this time of plat approval range from $600 and up for residential developments to $1,000 and up for commercial or multi-family residential developments. The plat is reviewed by the Areawide Development Review Committee (ADRC) for compliance with drainage, transportation, zoning, utilities, etc. The ADRC make a recommendation of approval, conditional approval or denial to the Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission holds a public hearing on the proposed development and votes to approve, conditionally approve or deny the development. Meetings are held once a month, on the second Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m.

Planning Commission Meeting Dates

Planning Commission Agenda

Applications for plat approval are accepted the first Thursday of the month. For an application please click here.