This page is set up to give customers and the community additional information about the reorganization of the Planning, Zoning, and Development Department (to be called Development and Planning Department) which will go into effect on November 6, 2017.


Director's Transition message to customers (October 4, 2017)

Dear Customers,
As many of you may have heard, the Planning, Zoning, and Development Department has been in the planning stages of a reorganization that will begin in the upcoming fiscal year which begins in November. Last night, the Civil Service Board approved the final piece of the reorganization, and so while we have been laying the groundwork for months, our administrative work to ensure a smooth transition for customers begins in earnest today.
There are three major changes that I wanted to make you aware of—with short descriptions on why we made the changes.
·         The Development and the Planning Divisions will take on the functions of the Zoning Division: Since the adoption of the Unified Development Code and the integration of all development regulations into one code book, the need to integrate development review has become clear. Sara Gary, in her role as Development Manager, will take on several staff members and be responsible for the review of all projects for compliance with the UDC, including zoning regulations. She will continue to rely on staff across agencies and departments for additional comments on developments; however, her division will be responsible for all UDC compliance issues within PZD. The Planning Division, led by Cathie Gilbert, will take on the work of the Zoning Commission and Historic Preservation. Cathie will also gain several new staff people and will manage the rezoning work as well as the designation of historic properties. In addition, Cathie’s division will continue in their current efforts to coordinate planning efforts across government and implement the action items in the comprehensive plan.
·         Creation of a Compliance Division: Jim Parker will now lead the creation of a Compliance Division, a role that many communities of our size have. As the only new division in this process, this transition will be the slowest, but this is being created to help coordinate the enforcement activities within PZD and across government. Jim will take on management of the housing inspectors (who will move from the Codes Division) who have been led for years by Randy Viator.
·         Inclusion of the division of Alcohol and Noise Control: The ANC Division will now report to this department which is an effort to continue to centralize the permitting functions of LCG. Sally Leger and her staff will join the PZD Department, and we will work to capture economies of scale in our permitting efforts as well as the continued effective implementation of the revised alcohol code.
Finally, we have changed the name of the department to Development and Planning. A draft organizational chart with current staff names can be found here to help assist you in understanding the division of labor beginning November 6.
Please feel free to reach out to me or anyone else in the department if you have questions about whom you should contact. Over the next five weeks, we will be preparing in earnest, and the transition will be effective on Monday, November 6. Until that time, the department structure will exist as it is today.
Thank you in advance for working with our team. Please feel free to reach out with any feedback you may have.
Director, Planning, Zoning, and Development