Preservation Commission Members

Lafayette Preservation Commissioners

Sonya LaComb-Boudreaux, Chair

Bill Hunter, Vice Chair

Andrea Veron, Secretary

Caroline Ancelet

Eric Crozier, A.I.A.

Ann Marie Hightower



Preservation Alliance of Lafayette Board of Trustees

Bill Hunter, President

Caroline Ancelet, Vice President

Andrea Veron, Secretary

Ann Marie Hightower, Treasurer

Bob Carriker, Board Member

Eric Crozier, A.I.A., Board Member

Sonya LaComb-Boudreaux, Board Member

All correspondence with Preservation Commission members must be directed through the Planning, Zoning and Development Department. Should anyone need to speak to a Preservation Commissioner prior to a public forum, contact Planning, Zoning and Development and the message will be relayed to the appropriate Commissioner. Meetings of the Preservation Alliance of Lafayette Board of Trustees are held immediately following Lafayette Preservation Commission Meetings. Meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month at 3:00 PM, unless otherwise noted.

Lafayette Consolidated Government 
Department of Planning, Zoning, & Development 
220 West Willow Street, Building B
Lafayette, LA 70501