About Us

Parks and Recreation StaffWorking Hard So Citizens Can Play

The Lafayette Parks & Recreation Department is unique in many ways. No other division is charged with working so hard so that Lafayette’s citizens can relax and play. Giving all of us opportunities to participate in leisure, educational and athletic pursuits, the department offers something for individuals, families, children, senior citizens, mentally- and physically-disabled individuals, and other at-risk populations.
The maintaining of 1500-plus acres becomes more important every day, as increased development reduces the open green spaces available throughout the parish. These acres are important not only for what they offer in recreational and relaxation opportunities, but also for their environmental impact. Park spaces (and golf course acreage) allow for storm-water retention and runoff, and wildlife sanctuary, as well as improve air quality.
Recognition for the LPRD’s success goes beyond the department’s employees. Many of the offerings would not be available without dedicated volunteer commitment. The support of the city/parish administration and other departments has been invaluable.
The LPRD staff strives to be a positive influence in the lives touched by the department. Questions, comments and suggestions are, as always, welcomed, and should be directed to the administrative staff of the Parks and Recreation Department.