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  1. How can I obtain a copy of a report?
    Reports are usually ready within 72 hours of incident, and they can be picked-up at 900 East University, the police department.

  2. How can I start a Neighborhood Watch Program for my community?
    By simply calling the Public Affairs Section of the department at (337) 291-8617, to request a starter packet pertaining information about the program.

  3. How can I contact an officer for non-emergency issues?
    By simply calling (337) 291-8600, and leave a message with the receptionist.

  4. How can I seek employment with the Lafayette Police Department?
    All employment request are made through the departments recruiter at (337) 291-8663.

  5. How can I obtain crime data information concerning Lafayette?
    One should contact the Public Affairs Section at (337) 291-8617.

  6. How should I contact the police for non-emergency situations?
    All calls for police related matters should be made through 911.

  7. If I'm involved in a traffic crash when should I move my vehicle off the roadway?
    Only when there are no injuries and there is no serious damage to the vehicles involved.

  8. What should I do if a vehicle is reckless and out of control on the roadway?
    Make sure you're at a safe distance from the vehicle, call 911 and give a description of the vehicle, driver along with the license plate information.

  9. How can I file a complaint against and employee of the police department?
    You may come in, 900 East University, or call the department's Watch Commander at (377) 291-8600 to file complaints.

  10. How can a citizen participate in the Ride-Along-Program?
    By simply contacting the Public Affairs Section of the department at (337) 291-8617 for an appointment to complete the necessary paperwork.