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 Mosquito Season Means War!
Defend your yard against mosquitos.

Protect your property from becoming a mosquito breeding ground by eliminating stagnant water.
Regularly empty items on or around your property that can collect water. 

 GuttersBird Baths
 Tires Flower Pots
Bottles, Cans, and BucketsKiddie Pools and Toys

Remember the 5 D's to Help Keep Mosquitos Away!

  1. Dusk - 30 minutes before sundown is one of the most active times for mosquitoes. Avoiding outdoors at dusk prevents bites.
  2. Dawn - 30 minutes before sunrise is the other most active time for mosquitoes. Avoid the outdoors at dawn to prevent bites.
  3. Deet - Use a repellent with Deet to deter mosquitoes. Always read the label when applying repellent, especially on children.
  4. Dress - Wear light colored, loose fitting clothes and avoid perfumes and colognes.
  5. Drain - Eliminate all standing water from your property. Mosquitoes can breed in as little water as can collect in a bottle cap.
 Mosquitos breed in standing water.
Defend your yard against mosquitos by eliminating standing water from your property.
 Mosquito Life Cycle