News Release

Lafayette Comprehensive Plan Provides Preview of Scenario Options
Posted: 5/13/2013 9:00 PM

The Lafayette Comprehensive Plan Forum Series Three will be held on Tuesday, May 14, from 4-8 PM at the Rosa Parks Transportation Center, 101 Jefferson Street, and again on Wednesday, May 15th from 11 AM-3 PM at the Heymann Performing Arts Center, 1373 S. College Road.  The Open House style forums will allow attendees to review information at their own pace, and staff members will be available throughout the forum to answer questions.  The public is asked to attend a forum and vote on one of three new scenarios or a “no plan” option for the future of Lafayette.

Trend Scenario-04.jpg
Trend Growth, "No Plan" Scenario

At the forums, the public is invited to look at and vote for one of these three land use concepts, representing different residential development and “place types” and an assessment of how much development can be accommodated in each “targeted” area.  Various indicators will be provided which tell a story about each scenario.
Multi Center Scenario-04.jpg
Multi-Center Scenario


The multi-center growth scenario involves guiding projected growth toward “complete neighborhoods,” developed around town centers situated at strategic locations in Lafayette Parish – including downtown and other surrounding areas. Quality of life is improved by easy access to a variety of living options, employment centers, retail stores, schools and restaurants within or in proximity to each center. The Scenario centers will help alleviate the need for long commutes across town for work and errands, and greatly increases the level of convenience in the daily lives for those residing directly within, or in close proximity to each center.

Balanced Scenario-04.jpg
Balanced Growth Scenario

The balanced growth scenario responds to the imbalance in development where growth and development would continue to occur disproportionally in the southern sector of Lafayette Parish. This imbalance has led to increased pressure on roads and other community services in the southern sector that currently, and will continue, to decrease the quality of life for residents. This Scenario seeks to relieve this imbalance by directing more of the projected growth into areas north of downtown, which already have a well-developed transportation infrastructure and sufficient development capacity to accommodate intensification.

Corridors Scenario-04.jpg
Corridor Scenario

The corridor growth scenario concentrates growth along existing targeted transportation corridors around Lafayette Parish. Retail and other commercial development, as well as transit infrastructure, already exists along many of these corridors. This Scenario builds on the existing pattern, but focuses on integrating mixed-use development and higher density residential along these key corridors, transitioning to the adjacent neighborhoods. This Scenario also promotes increasing modes and access to public transit along the main roads, offering the community an alternative way to commute from their residences to commercial, employment and retail buildings, with as much expansion of sidewalks and bike trails as the corridor infrastructure will allow.