News Release

Northeast Lafayette Parish bike routes are signed; inaugural ride planned
Posted: 7/17/2013 2:15 PM

Cyclists can look for “Share the Road” signs now installed on popular bicycle routes in the northeast section of Lafayette Parish. A bike ride is scheduled in celebration.

Many cyclists enjoy touring the rural roads and highways of northeast Lafayette Parish. Lafayette Consolidated Government fabricated and installed the Share the Road signs that now mark the more highly used routes.
“In Louisiana, motorists are required by law to share the road with bicyclists, except where bicycles are expressly forbidden, such as on interstate highways. When passing a cyclist, motorists must maintain a minimum three feet of distance between the motor vehicle and the bicyclist,” explained Jennifer Severson, the bikeway planner who worked on this project. “The Share the Road signs remind motorists to be aware of cyclists along these routes and provide the space necessary for both motorists and cyclists to coexist safely on the road.”
Both the Rotary Club of Lafayette North, and the Tri Cajuns Triathlon Club, which trains on these routes, encouraged this project. “Cyclists need a little room to maneuver around debris or rough pavement,” advised John Hebert of Rotary North and Tri Cajuns, “If a passing motorist doesn't give a cyclist enough space as the cyclist steers around a road hazard, a deadly collision can happen. The Share the Road signs deliver an important message.”
BikeLafayette, a local bicyclist advocacy organization, will host a Share the Road Ride on July 20, 2013, beginning at 8AM. Routes of varying lengths are planned, all departing from and returning to the parking area at Acadiana Park on East Alexander Street. The ride will begin with opening comments and a brief ceremony. All cyclists are welcome. Visit for more information.