News Release

Millages Maintain Courthouse, Jail and Public Buildings
Posted: 4/28/2017 4:00 PM

​Voters in Lafayette Parish will see millage renewals on their ballots tomorrow, Saturday, April 29, 2017. Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG) wishes to remind voters these millages are not new, but are existing millages which must be renewed by a vote of the people every ten years. Furthermore, the successful renewal of these millages is imperative to ensure the operation and maintenance of necessary public buildings, including the Parish Courthouse Complex and the Adult Detention Center.

According to Lorrie Toups, LCG’s Chief Financial Officer, “These millages cover operations, maintenance, and capital improvements. The money is used for monthly utility bills, insurance, repairs and maintenance as well as capital improvements.” City Hall, for example, is a public building which is maintained and operated under one of these millages. “The adult correctional center millage is used for the same purposes and it also covers the state-mandated costs of feeding, housing, medical care and transportation of prisoners.”
Two parish-wide millages are listed on the ballot as “PW Courthouse & Jail Complex” and “PW Min. Security Detention & Corr. Facility” and would be renewed for a ten year period at 2.34 and 2.06 mills, respectively. A third millage will be voted upon only by residents within the City of Lafayette is listed on the ballot as “City of Lafayette” for other public buildings at 1.13 mills for ten years. These millage renewals are being proposed at the same rates as were approved by voters a decade ago.
To view a sample ballot with the exact language of the millage renewals, visit