News Release

Lafayette Consolidated Government unveils details of PlanLafayette’s first “Big Idea”
Posted: 1/9/2014 2:00 PM

Earlier this week, Lafayette Consolidated Government announced the scheduling of PlanLafayette Week next month and the simultaneous release of the draft comprehensive plan.
Officials have said that the draft plan will be organized into four “big ideas.”  The events that comprise PlanLafayette Week will be structured around educating the public about the action items recommended in those four big ideas.
Leading up to the week, LCG officials will give previews of the four big ideas and some of the bigger action items associated with each element.
The first idea, Reinvent the Hub City, emphasizes Lafayette’s continued role as the center of economic and cultural activity in south-central Louisiana.  This concept involves leveraging many of Lafayette’s strengths and ensuring that Lafayette is well-positioned as a city of the future. 
A preview of some of the key action items includes:
·         Make Lafayette’s culture and arts a visible part of the community’s image.
·         Support and create partnerships with the business community, arts organizations, and LPSS students and private schools to continue to improve education and prepare the next generation. 
·         Prioritize “complete street” design when reinvesting in mixed-use transportation corridors.  Creating “complete streets” means designing and constructing streets that allow for all users – pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders of all ages and abilities, and motorists -- to travel safely between destinations. 
·         Develop planning prototypes to illustrate desired land use, urban design, and connectivity principles for future development. 
Because many of the action items related to “Reinventing  the Hub City” relate to tourism and Lafayette’s position as a cultural hub, the Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission (LCVC) proved a logical partner for PlanLafayette Week activities. 
During PlanLafayette Week, LCVC will host a breakfast at Vermilionville on February 7 which features Dr. Joseph Savoie, UL President, City-Parish President Joey Durel, and local architect Steve Oubre. 
“We are excited that the plan recognizes many of the concepts we know are necessary to add to, grow, and differentiate Lafayette Parish as a travel destination.  Much of the work around the University’s Master Plan, the Comprehensive Plan, and more specifically destinations like the Cajundome and the Horse Farm, involve bringing people into Lafayette and sharing our culture. Giving people an opportunity to learn more about what is happening around these initiatives will be beneficial for all of us,” said Ben Berthelot, President & CEO of LCVC.
About the comprehensive plan and PlanLafayette Week
PlanLafayette Week will be a celebration of the draft comprehensive plan and its planning concepts. The public will have an opportunity to give feedback on the draft plan that has been developed after a two year long community-wide effort.
The draft plan will be presented at two events which conclude PlanLafayette week on Tuesday, February 11 at the LITE Center and Wednesday, February 12 at the Acadiana Center for the Arts.
In addition, LCG has partnered with several other community institutions to host activities around the plan’s other three big themes: Refine Government, Revitalize Neighborhoods, and Reenvision Natural Resources.  Details of those events will be announced over the next several weeks.