News Release

KINOMADA Brings Together Filmmakers for 10-Day Workshop
Posted: 10/29/2018 1:00 PM

From Oct. 29 to Nov. 7, 50 filmmakers and creative professionals will take to the streets of Lafayette during KINOMADA Lafayette 2018.

KINOMADA Lafayette 2018 is a short film creation laboratory that brings together experienced and up-and-coming filmmakers from Louisiana, the Caribbean, the United States, Mexico, Quebec, Acadia and France. KINOMADA poses a creative challenge to its filmmaker participants: make 20 short films in 10 days!

Participants take part in an exchange of culture, knowledge and skills for the benefit of the production of 20 short films on a theme that pays tribute to Louisiana's multicultural identity: "At the crossroads of the world."


Accompanied by training sessions conducted by professionals in the field, these 10 days of writing, filming and editing in Lafayette will finish with a public screening of the completed films in conjunction with Lafayette’s Southern Screen Festival happening Nov. 7-11.

KINOMADA Lafayette 2018 will both kick off and conclude with film screening events in Lafayette at the Blue Moon Saloon and Acadiana Center for the Arts, respectively. For more information visit or