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Big Plans for new Project Front Yard ‘Small Steps’ Campaign
Posted: 2/22/2019 9:00 AM

​Big Plans for new Project Front Yard ‘Small Steps’ Campaign
Community Beautification Initiative Celebrates 5 Years of Service

Collaborating with businesses, civic groups and the media, Project Front Yard (PFY) has made tremendous strides in its mission to beautify and preserve Lafayette. In celebration of its fifth year in action, PFY is launching a fresh campaign – a new website, public service messages and areas of focus – as the next big step in achieving its mission.  

The “Small Steps, Big Mission” campaign reminds citizens that individual actions make a meaningful impact on the collective community vision. Inspired by the Keep America Beautiful model, Small Steps, Big Mission aims to educate and inspire small changes in everyday life. Through easy-to-adopt examples, the new PFY messaging encourages the public to take action in subtle ways toward making our community as beautiful and vibrant as the local culture. 

Focusing on three areas of focus – Restore, Preserve and Advocate – PFY works to engage citizens to revitalize community streetscapes and gateways, eliminate litter, preserve cultural assets, waterways and green spaces, and increase recycling and waste reduction efforts. 

PFY Coordinator Skyra Rideaux is excited about the renewed focus and message. “Recognizing that the work we have been able to do with our team of citizen volunteers is important. While appreciating how far we’ve come, this new campaign highlights everyone's role, whether volunteer, citizen, business, institution or civic group, in taking small steps every day in making Lafayette a cleaner, greener place to live.”

The new citizen-focused PFY website,, demonstrates how the call-to-action focus areas coincide with the message that everyone has a part to play in the community. Via a DIY section, the site offers suggestions on ways to pitch in around neighborhoods, work, and school, while promoting public initiatives such as the Storm Drain Art Contest and Household Hazardous Waste Day. While PFY’s messaging is getting a makeover, Yardley the Gnome remains the face of PFY’s project coordination efforts. Yardley offers Little Gnome Facts on the new website and the Gnome Nation App provides users a way to seamlessly coordinate events and suggests member-generated activities.

In the five years since its launch, Lafayette’s eco-centric beautification initiative has made great strides in improving the face of the community. Just this past year, PFY organized and participated in numerous mission-focused events and initiatives:

  • Camp EcoSteam - an eco-centric kids camp in partnership with LCG Parks and Recreation Department
  • Household Hazardous Waste Day Paint reblending station and e-waste collection - benefitting Habitat ReStore and low income communities
  • Mardi Gras Parade Recycling - in partnership with the Krewe de Rio, collected 6,400 pounds of cardboard, 400 pounds of plastic bags and 5,300 pounds of plastic beads which were donated to LARC
  • GR8 Acadiana Cleanup - an eight day festival of service focused on environmental education and projects that improve the built environment
  • Gnome Nation App launch

More of PFY’s accomplishments can be found in the 2017-2018 Annual Report.

Rideaux is proud of how far PFY has come and is looking forward to expanding in the future. “2018 included an amazing number of ‘firsts’ for Project Front Yard, as we celebrated five years of community pride, beautification and litter abatement! We worked for the first time to implement Keep America Beautiful's Behavioral Change system into our programs, saw an incredible multi-million dollar return on investment for the work that has been done, and launched three new focus areas. We are excited to set the standard for the next five years and continue to revitalize neighborhoods, create public art programs and work with our partners to ensure a better quality of life for our citizens.” 

Like the community it serves, PFY has grown and adjusted over time. It has expanded to five parishes and two municipalities and its brand value is now worth ($1.5M). Though the look and feel of it may change, PFY’s purpose has not. It works to improve where we live, one step at a time.

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