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Project Front Yard Flourishes in Environmental Summer Camp
Posted: 6/7/2019 2:00 PM


Project Front Yard has once again partnered with Lafayette Consolidated Government’s (LCG) Parks and Recreation Department to host its second annual environmental summer camp at Girard Park. Camp ECOSTEAM is an environmentally-focused and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) based camp that engages and inspires youth to take an active, hands-on approach to making Lafayette a better, safer and cleaner place to live.

 Beginning mid-June, Camp ECOSTEAM is a four-week long summer camp program which provides engaging and exploration-based activities for kids (age 5-14) focusing on litter prevention, recycling, environmental ecosystems, placemaking, robotics and civic engagement. 132 campers participated in this insightful educational program’s launch last year. This summer camp is also a supplement to Project Front Yard’s environmental education curriculum “Rocksey’s Toolbox.”

“With the help from our partners, Project Front Yard is able to help children take small steps in becoming environmentally conscious in their community,” stated Skyra Rideaux, Project Front Yard Coordinator. “Together, we are able to work towards our big mission to keep the planet beautiful and teach how we can make the world a better place.”

 The summer camp is taking place June 17 – July 19 in coordination with local and regional partners including: Acadiana Park Nature Station, Bayou Vermilion District, CGI, Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Act, CREATE, LCG Parks and Recreation, LCG Public Works – EQ Division, McComb-Veazey Neighborhood Coterie, and Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum. Project Front Yard is working with these organizations to coordinate weekly themed activities-based curriculum.

 “We are excited to collaborate with Camp ECOSTEAM and Project Front Yard,” stated Royal Hill, LCG Recreation Centers Manager. “Our collaboration allows us to offer a diverse and enriching program without compromising FUN! We are looking forward to a safe and exciting summer.”

 Camp ECOSTEAM offers weekly environmentally-themed topics including:

· Seed to Table: Imagining a Circular Food System

· Wetland Warriors: Wildlife & Ecosystems

· STEAM: Placemaking & Robotics

· Litterology: From Litter to Recycling


Registration Information: 337.291.8370 or through the Girard Park Office, 500 Girard Park Drive, Lafayette, Louisiana 70502
View the full 2019 Camp ECOSTEAM Curriculum here:

About Project Front Yard

Project Front Yard is a community-driven initiative that empowers businesses, civic organizations and individuals to take action on making Lafayette the most vibrant, lively and beautiful community anywhere in the world. We work to restore our communities and neighborhoods through litter abatement, improved streetscapes, and revitalized gateways; preserve our character by creating more green spaces and advocate for economically and environmentally sustainable practices. 

For more information contact Skyra Rideaux, Project Front Yard Coordinator, at or 337.291.8306.