Storm Drain Art Project

Storm Drain Art Project
 Using eco-themed art to communicate the
importance of protecting our waterways.

 Project Components:

  • This project complements LCG's existing campaigns and initiatives for cleanliness, beautification and education.
  • Designs will be featured on storm drains in high-pedestrian areas: University of Louisiana at Lafayette (main campus),  Pontiac Point, Oil Center, and Downtown.
  • Paint provided to artists will be non-toxic.
  • LCG and partners will assemble the panel choosing the designs
  • LCG and partners will provide safety orientation. Safety supplies and signage will be provided for installation.
  • Artists will receive a one-time $500 stipend to compensate artists for their work and to maintain the integrity of the project.
Painted Storm Drain Photo courtesy of Upstream Art
Bayou Vermilion Watershed
Pilot project will run
October 2017 — April 2018.
Supporting Partners for the pilot include:  




Bayou Vermilion District