Environmental Quality

Environmental QualityDivision Overview

This Division is responsible for Environmental Regulatory Compliance, Solid Waste Collection, Disposal and Reduction (Recycling and Composting) and Code Enforcement. The Division also maintains Public Works Environmental Permits. Over 100 Recycling Presentations are made each year at schools, Day Camps, Civic Groups, etc. Code Enforcement receives approximately 2,000 requests for service annually and sends out in excess of 3,300 violation letters a year. The Compliance Section is involved with Capital, Commercial and Subdivision Review and assures compliance with State and Federal Environmental Regulations in the areas of Asbestos, Lead, UST’s, Hazardous Materials, Environmental Site Assessments, Landfill Compliance Issues, Water Discharge Reporting, Storm Water and Wetland Issues. This Division is responsible for Operating a Compost Facility and maintains and monitors a closed landfill on N. Dugas Road for compliance with the closure plan and all DEQ and EPA Regulations.

Division Primary Operating Functions:

  • Administer Code Enforcement for Ordinances governing Sanitation (Tall Grass, Nuisances, Litter, Junked Property and Solid Waste Collection) and Seismic Permits.
  • Provides Environmental Review for Capital Projects to ensure adherence to Environmental Regulation applicable design and construction standards.
  • Ensure Compliance with State and Federal Environmental Regulations with emphasis on Storm Water Management, Planning/Stage Environmental review and Hazardous Materials Management, including preparation and submittal of annual Tier IIs and all other required reporting.
  • Administers Recycling Program
  • Operation of a Compost Facility
  • Administers and Coordinates mandatory Hazardous Material Training.