Report Littering

Report LiteringLitter Hotline 291-7000

Lafayette Consolidated Government has a litter law whereby citizens can report incidents of littering that they witness. Witnesses need to write down details at the time of the littering incident, which are vitally important if the person littering is to receive a ticket. Specifically, the witness needs to record:
  1. the license plate number of the vehicle from which the litter was thrown (must be a Louisiana license plate)
  2. a general description of the vehicle is important (example: a white Chevrolet Impala)
  3. the time of the day, the date, and the location where the litter was thrown is also important
  4. If possible, a general description of the person who threw the litter is helpful to the "evidence" of the incident. At the very least, it is important that a report from the witness includes whether the litter was thrown by the driver or a passenger.


A witness who sees littering and records the information stated above should call the litter hotline at 291-7000 to report it as soon as possible. If the hotline rolls to voice mail, the witness should leave his or her name and phone number in case details are left off the message. The witness should also repeat his or her phone number for certain confirmation of the phone number.

The witness must sign a notarized litter affidavit, writing out as much details of the incident as possible. The affidavit is to be witnessed and notarized before sending it for processing. Improperly filled out affidavits can not be processed. If you would rather meet with someone, call our litter hotline and we will schedule an appointment with you to write and sign the affidavit.

If a person witnesses a cigarette butt being tossed out, and the report is a "first report" for the designated license plate, then the owner of the vehicle gets a warning letter, and the witness does not need to sign an affidavit. If the license plate reported for throwing a cigarette butt had previously received one warning, then that license plate will receive a ticket if the witness signs an affidavit that he or she witnessed a cigarette butt being tossed.

"Other litter" such as a cup, a can, a bottle, or paper is not a warning, even upon a first report on a license plate. If the witness signs an affidavit on litter other than a first-report of a cigarette butt, the owner of the licensed car gets a ticket.

Individuals who receive a ticket for littering can pay the assessed fine - which is an admission of guilt - or they can go to court and contest the charge before a judge.

  • The total fine for a first-report of littering is $90.
  • A second-offense littering fine is $500.


If you have any questions please call the litter hotline at 291-7000.