After an Accident
If you are involved in an accident while driving on Louisiana roads, you must stop as close to the scene as possible. It is against the law to
leave the scene of an accident. You must stop your vehicle even if the accident does not appear to be serious. If you don't stop, you are
considered a hit-and-run driver, and you could be fined or sent to jail.

After an accident, remove your vehicle from the roadway. Pull your vehicle into an area that won't cause additional disruption for other drivers,
and turn off the ignition. Have someone warn approaching drivers if necessary, to prevent further damage and reduce traffic congestion.

If drivers, passengers or bystanders have been injured in the accident, call for an ambulance immediately. Do not attempt to move an injured
person or perform first aid if you have not been properly trained.

After reporting the accident to the nearest law enforcement agency, provide all drivers involved with your name, address and vehicle
registration number. You should also show the other drivers your license if requested. If the accident caused damage to an unattended
vehicle or property, leave your name and contact information in a visible location so the owner can reach you later.

SafeLight Camera Technology

SafeLight detects and automatically photographs cars and trucks that run red lights. If a vehicle enters an intersection while the signal is
red, loop detectors trigger nearby cameras to collect two essential photos. SafeLight cameras are engaged only when the traffic signal
is red – during the green and yellow signal phases the system is inactive. Photos are transmitted from the camera to the central office and
reviewed by trained technicians who objectively determine whether the vehicle in the photographs ran a red light. If the information is not
clear or is in question, the notice of violation is not issued.

For more information, visit LCG Traffic & Transportation

SafeSpeed Objectives
The objectives of Lafayette's SafeSpeed program is to save lives; decrease the number of traffic violations and crashes associated with
speeding; augment police enforcement to allow police to focus on other crimes; and increase public awareness of safe driving. If speeding
is a problem in your area, you may request the SafeSpeed van to monitor your street.

For more information, visit LCG Traffic & Transportation

Roundabouts are an effective intersection design in many locations, providing safety benefits comparable to the four-way stop,
but providing greater capacity and operational advantages. They are beneficial for managing speed and transitioning traffic from
a high-speed to a low-speed environment.

Older Driver Resources
As the U.S. population ages, issues of road safety involving older drivers are receiving more attention. Older drivers may be interested
in this interactive AAA quiz that helps senior citizens evaluate their physical and cognitive abilities related to driving.

In addition, contains a number of resources for older drivers and their families.