SafeSpeed Camera Technology

SafeSpeedSafeSpeed detects and automatically photographs cars and trucks that are speeding. If a vehicle enters an intersection or passes a SafeSpeed van while speeding loop detectors or radar trigger cameras to collect essential photos.

Photos are transmitted from the camera to the central office and reviewed by trained technicians who objectively determine using the information gathered whether the vehicle in the photograph was speeding. If the information is in question the notice of violation is not issued.

SafeSpeed is equipped with an all-digital photo system that ensures both the security and accuracy of the images and the detectors. As a precaution, the digital photos are encrypted. Necessary information about the violation is also imprinted across each image at the time the photo is taken. Among other things, the time, date, and vehicle speed. This allows personnel to establish and accurately illustrate the motorist was speeding.

SafeSpeed notice of violations, which include two photographs of the violation, are mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. The digital system allows the processing of notice of violations soon after the violation. The civil penalty for a notice of violation begins at $25. Like a parking ticket, receiving a SafeSpeed notice of violation does not result in automobile insurance increases. If the owner was not driving at the time of the violation, he may transfer responsibility to the person who had the care custody and control of the vehicle when it was photographed speeding.