SafeSpeed Frequently Asked Questions

SafeSpeed1. When does a SafeSpeed violation occur?
A violation occurs when a motorist enters an intersection or passes a SafeSpeed van while exceeding the speed limit in non school zones per the Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government Code of Ordinances.

2. Why does Lafayette need SafeSpeed cameras?
To reduce the number and severity of traffic crashes caused by speeding drivers.

3. What does the SafeSpeed camera photograph?
Cameras take two pictures

    1. One of the rear of the vehicle as it enters the intersection or as it passes the speed van. 
    2. One of the driver as his vehicle enters the intersection or passes the SafeSpeed van.

4. Is not conventional police enforcement enough?
As mentioned in the SafeSpeed section Lafayette does not have the resources to allow police to patrol roadways as often or in as many locations needed to ticket speeding vehicles. SafeSpeed cameras allow police officers to focus on other enforcement needs.

5. How does SafeSpeed work?
Cameras and loop detectors are installed at intersections to detect and record violations. SafeSpeed vans are deployed in neighborhoods and use radar to detect and record violations. These systems record the date, time, and speed of the vehicle. A notice of violation including a photograph of the violation will be sent to the vehicle owner. Instructions to view an online video of the violation will be included with notices generated at fixed locations.

6. Who manages the SafeSpeed Program?
The SafeSpeed Program is administered through the Traffic and Transportation Department; however, the following are contracted through Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc: project management, camera installation and maintenance, van deployment, downloading images, violation processing, customer service, adjudication support, and payment processing.

7. Where are the SafeSpeed cameras located?
The SafeSpeed van locations are based upon Traffic Calming requests in neighborhoods, citizen complaints/ requests. The fixed SafeSpeed intersections are located at the same intersections where SafeLight is present.

8. When a violation occurs, who receives the notice of violation?
SafeSpeed notices of violation are mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.

9. What if the registered owner was not driving the vehicle?
The owner may sign an affidavit transferring liability to the person who had the care, custody and control of the vehicle. If the car has been reported stolen at the time of the violation, then the owner must submit a copy of the filed police report. A photograph of the front of the vehicle is also provided in the notice of violation.

10. What is the SafeSpeed notice of violation, fine?
These fines were set by Lafayette City-Parish Council Ordinance and are based on a scale; please see, SafeSpeed violations.

11. How do I appeal a SafeSpeed notice of violation?
Appeals are heard through an administrative process coordinated by the SafeSpeed Program. Instructions for filing an appeal are posted on the back of the notice of violation. (See How to Appeal a SafeSpeed Notice of Violation)

12. How can I get more information on SafeSpeed?
Call the SafeSpeed Program at 337-265-2520 or write to
SafeLight/SafeSpeed Lafayette Customer Service Center
850 Kaliste Saloom Road, Suite 104
Lafayette, LA 70508.

13. If I need to send or speak to someone about a SafeLight/SafeSpeed notice of violation, what is the contact data? SafeLight/SafeSpeed Lafayette, 850 Kaliste Saloom Road, Suite 104, Lafayette, LA 70508. Phone: (337)265-2520 Fax: (337) 265-2518.

14. Am I responsible for a default fee when I never received the original? Yes, you are still responsible for the default fee, because the original notice of violation was mailed out to the address obtained from the department of motor vehicles which is the address where the default notice was mailed to.

15. Can you help me find a notice of violation number if I give you a license plate? Yes, with your license plate number I can search for your notice of violation number.

16. How much do I owe? If you call (337) 265-2520 (M-F 8:00AM - 5:00PM) and provide your notice of violation number, it can be provided for you.

17. Where are you located? The SafeLight SafeSpeed Lafayette Customer Service Office is located at 850 Kaliste Saloom Rd. Suite 104, Lafayette,La 70508.

18. Can I get a payment confirmation number? You can get a payment confirmation number if you go www.photonotice .com CODE: LFYETT and pay your notice of violation there, however there is an online convenience fee of $2.95.

19. Is this program legal? Yes, this program is authorized by the Lafayette City Parish Consolidated Government Code of Ordinances

20. What happens if I do not pay the ticket? If the notice of violation is not paid, an additional 50% late charge will be added to the original violation amount and if the payment is not paid in 110 days, it will go to collections.

21. Does this go against my insurance? No, this does not go against your car insurance or driving record.

22. What do I do if I want to contest this notice of violation? If you choose to contest the violation, you have the option to request a hearing, by filing out option C on the Options Page provided with the material you received in the mail.

23. I mailed the payment 2 days before the due date, why do I have a late fee? You should allow sufficient time for the response to be received on or before the due date.

24. How many Civil notices do I have? Call (337) 265-2520 (M-F 8:00AM-5:00PM) and they will search for you, either by the registered owner's name or the license plate of the vehicle to answer this question.

25. Can the SafeSpeed vans park in a person’s yard? Yes, typically the SafeSpeed vans are parked within the public right of way and/or with homeowner's permission.

26. How often are the speed sensors validated at the fixed speed locations? By requesting an adjudication hearing, the statement of technology will be provided at the hearing.
The intersections are inspected monthly and validated/calibrated if needed.

27. How do I know the calibration is right? By requesting an adjudication hearing, the inspection reports will be provided at the hearing.

28. I received a notice of violation while in the funeral procession, what do I do? You may provide a copy of the obituary to the SafeLight/SafeSpeed Lafayette Customer Service Office, and it will be researched.

29. I received a notice while rushing someone to the hospital, can you help me? You can provide a copy of the emergency room admitting papers to the SafeLight/SafeSpeed Lafayette Customer Service Office, and the situation will be reviewed.

30. I am paying online and the computer says one amount, and the default says a much different amount? The computer may not have updated your account information to reflect the current default amount due. The default amount reflects any late fee that may have been applied in lieu of you not responding.

31. Why can’t the late fee be waived? Late fees are waived based on extenuating circumstances, a letter has to be submitted to the SafeLight/SafeSpeed office with evidence to support the claim. An affidavit, adjudication request, or payment must be received by the respond by date in order for a late fee not to be applied.

32. My car was stolen on XXXXXX and I got a notice of violation after that date, do I still pay for this? Please mail/fax a copy of your police report to the local SafeLight/SafeSpeed office and the notice will be dismissed.

33. I got a notice of violation in the mail, but that is not my vehicle, can you help me? Submit a copy of your vehicle registration along with your notice of violation number to the SafeLight SafeSpeed Customer Service Office

34. I paid online and they were to send me a confirmation number to my email and it has not gotten there yet? Please ensure your email address is filled out correctly on the website.

35. I thought the increased penalty amount for a 2nd ($50) violation in 12 months was removed, why do I still have to pay? You will not pay the increased penalty amount under the revised code after September 19, 2008, however, if you received the notice prior to this date you will still be responsible for the increased fine amount.

36. Who can I talk to about answering all my questions? Call (337) 265-2520, if they cannot help you can request to speak to the Customer Relationship Manager who will assist with your questions.

37. If I have a complaint about SafeSpeed, who do I talk to? If you have a complaint about SafeSpeed/SafeLight you can put it in writing to SafeLight/SafeSpeed at 850 Kaliste Saloom, Suite 104, Lafayette, LA 70508 or if you would like to speak to someone, you can ask for Customer Service Office Manager at (337) 265-2520.

38. I thought the 1st notice of violation was $25, why is mine so much? There is no set violation amount for a first violation. The violation amount for a speeding violation is set by Lafayette's Code of Ordinances as follows:

​ ​ ​ ​ ​Fine Amounts for Various Recorded Speeds
​Posted Speed limit ​$25 ​$50 ​$100 ​$150
​25 ​31 thru 35 ​36 thru 40 ​41 thru 45 ​≥46
​30 ​36 thru 40 ​41 thru 45 ​46 thru 50 ​≥51
​35 ​43 thru 45 ​46 thru 50 ​51 thru 55 ​≥56
​40 ​48 thru 50 ​51 thru 55 ​56 thru 60 ​≥61
​45 ​n/a ​55 thru 60 ​61 thru 65 ​≥66
​50 ​n/a ​60 thru 65 ​66 thru 70 ​≥71
​55 ​n/a ​65 thru 70 ​71 thru 75 ​≥76
​60 ​n/a ​70 thru 75 ​76 thru 80 ​≥81
​65 ​n/a ​75 thru 80 ​81 thru 85 ​≥86
​70 ​n/a ​80 thru 85 ​86 thru 90 ​≥91

 A red light violation is $125.

39. I can’t see the driver in the image captured, am I still responsible? Yes, no matter who drives the vehicle the owner is responsible, however you do have the option to nominate/transfer liability to the driver of the vehicle by filling out Option B on the Options Page.

40. I’m on a fixed income and can’t pay the full amount, can I send installments? Unfortunately, we can not accept installments, nor do we allow partial payments. The notice of violation must be paid in full.

41. Why is there a $2.95 fee when I pay on-line? The $2.95 fee is a payment for the online payment service that is available 24 hours a day.