Signs and Markings

Signs and MarkingsThis Section maintains approximately 40,000 traffic signs and approximately 1,758,000 linear feet of pavement markings in both the City of Lafayette and the unincorporated areas of Lafayette Parish. When a problem with Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings is observed in Lafayette Parish, excluding the incorporated areas of Broussard, Carencro, Duson, Youngsville, and/or Scott, you should contact our Traffic Services Division by phone at (337) 291-8565 between the hours of 7:30 am to 4:00 pm or after hours by calling (337) 291-8517.

If reporting a concern please:

  1. Make sure the problem is a traffic sign and/or pavement markings.
  2. Identify the exact type of sign such as a:
    • Stop Sign
    • Regulatory Sign (e.g. Speed Limits, No Parking, Lane Use Signs, etc.)
    • Street name signs
  3. Identify the intersection name (location), block number and/or house address.
  4. Advise if the signpost is broken; (e.g. “is the post stub "sticking" up out of the ground?)
  5. Advise if sign is leaning into path of traffic and/or if the sign is blocking pedestrian travel.
  6. If the pavement markings on the roadway are faded or worn, please try to provide brief description of the marking. For example, the yellow lines, the white lines, the crosswalks, raised pavement markers, etc.


This detailed description of the concern will improve our ability to be responsive.