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Project Front Yard

Project Front Yard is an initiative which brings together individuals, business, government and media partners to address community beautification through education.

Taking the lead from more than forty action items in Lafayette’s Comprehensive Plan, Project Front Yard’s mission is to build awareness and stimulate improvement of the face of our local community.  Initiatives under Project Front Yard include revitalization of gateways, improved streetscapes, litter removal and prevention, public art, river cleanup, and education. 


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Announcing the 2018 Project Front Yard Summit! 
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Fifth Annual Project Front Yard Awards Winners! 
Commemorating the five-year anniversary of its launch in 2014, the PFY awards highlighted individuals and organizations working to improve the face of the community. The awards are given annually to recognize individuals and organizations that beautify and clean up Lafayette’s physical landscape or inspire others to do the same through eco-education. 

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Project Front Yard Goes Digital! ​

  Project Front Yard is entering a new era of citizen-driven beautification and cleanliness efforts with the release its web-based application, "Gnome Nation." Gnome Nation is Louisiana's first beautification and litter cleanup portal to bring concepts like gamification to the forefront of community engagement!

The app was developed by interns from CGI, a Canadian-based consulting firm whose IT Center of Excellence is located in Lafayette, working alongside PFY Coordinator Skyra Rideaux and representatives from CGI during a 10-week internship. The app was designed to empower citizens to create and engage in projects throughout Lafayette Parish. Through the app interface, citizens can create or subscribe to projects, filter past projects, earn badges and points for participating in projects and ask project participants to support projects by bringing items needed to complete the project.

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​Meet Yardley, our Project Front Yard Mascot!



Project Front Yard initiatives are categorized by area of focus:
Cleanliness; Beautification; Education
PFY Cleanliness, Beautification, Education 

Several businesses have signed on to support components of project front yard, as well as all the major media outlets in the Acadiana area. These efforts are being leveraged with the work of community groups were already doing to have a transformational impact on our community.

Area schools interested in becoming involved with Project Front Yard can request information via email.

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PFY RiverWhere the River Meets the Road

  • Watch Amelie's 5 minute River Report Documentary here
  • Watch Amelies' Full River Report (14 minutes)
  • Click here for the Bayou Vermilion Paddle Trail 2D Version
  • Click here for the Updated Bayou Vermilion Paddle Trail NEW 3D Version 


Protect Your House! Project Front Yard along with first responders, Acadian Ambulance, the University of Louisiana's Ragin' Cajun football team and Coach Mark Hudspeth remind homeowners to make sure their addresses are marked outside their homes to assist first responders during emergencies. Watch the public service announcement here!

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Neighborhood Toolkit

Click this link -- FINAL NPT_020415Revised.pdf -- to download a Neighborhood Toolkit that includes many activities that support Project Front Yard.

Social Media​ - ​Listed below are links for everyone to get involved. Use social media to let us and the rest of our community know what you are doing to help transform Lafayette’s Landscape! Be on the lookout for specific calls for volunteers on our Facebook page and twitter feed.


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There are a lot of ways you can get involved in Project Front Yard. To learn more, email us at

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