News Release

Lafayette Fire Department Offering Fire Safety Solutions for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Posted: 1/3/2019 5:00 PM

With the help of FEMA’s Fire Prevention and Safety Grant, the Lafayette Fire Department (LFD) is offering smoke alarm systems designed to alert eligible deaf and hard of hearing City of Lafayette residents of a fire.

The Fire Safety Solutions program was created to distribute and install free smoke alarms with Lifetone bedside alarm clock and bed shaker, as well as provide fire safety information, to Lafayette city residents who are deaf or hard of hearing beginning January 2019. When danger is detected, these devices alert homeowners using light, sound and movement – unlike traditional smoke detectors, which only use sound.

LFD believes in the lifesaving potential of the program. “We are very excited about our Fire Safety Solutions Program and the positive impact it will have on the deaf and hard of hearing community. Smoke alarms save lives. However, ordinary smoke alarms are not practical for our citizens who are deaf or hard of hearing. The special fire safety devices to be installed to those qualifying City of Lafayette citizens will provide assurance of early detection in case there’s a fire,” stated Lafayette Fire Chief Robert Benoit.


To qualify for the program, one must be a City of Lafayette resident with documented proof of being deaf or hard of hearing and complete the following steps:
1. Complete an application form—print application or online  
2. Provide documentation that proves one is deaf or hard of hearing (Proof may include a letter from a doctor, therapist, case manager or other medical provider, or a copy of driver’s license with noted restrictions.) 
3. Return the application to Lafayette Fire Prevention Division

Distribution of the smoke alarm systems begins in January and will continue as long as supplies and funding is available.

For more information, please contact:

Fire Prevention Division
2100 Jefferson St., Bldg. B
Lafayette, LA 70501
Phone (337)291-8704
Fax (337) 291-5531