News Release

Planning, Zoning & Development Releases Annual Report, Proposed Amendments, Development Guide
Posted: 6/14/2017 11:00 AM

Lafayette Consolidated Government’s Planning, Zoning and Development Department (PZD) delivered its draft Annual Report the Planning Commission on Monday, June 12. The Annual Report is delivered each summer to provide Planning Commission members and the public an update on the implementation of the 400+ action items included in Lafayette’s Comprehensive Master Plan, Plan Lafayette.
“Plan Lafayette was adopted in 2014 and prior to that had collected thousands of pieces of input from members of the community. The annual reporting process is so important because it holds us all accountable to check in with what we said we were going to do,” said Carlee Alm-LaBar, PZD Director.
The Annual Report includes proposed amendments to Plan Lafayette which reflect the priorities of the Robideaux Administration such as smart city initiatives, a focus on the University Avenue corridor, and additions to the stormwater management action items as a result of the 2016 flooding. The proposed amendments will be considered for final adoption by the commission at a special meeting to be held on Monday, July 17.
The draft Annual Report and proposed amendments can be found at Public comments on the proposed amendments can be sent to the Director of Planning, Zoning and Development Carlee Alm-LaBar at
In addition to the amendments, the Commission was presented with a Development Guide. The guide has been a project of the department geared to the development community to improve the understanding by the development community and the general project about the processes associated with building in Lafayette. That packet is available for download at
“While we will always have regulations to follow, we want to make the process of developing in Lafayette to be as friendly as possible, and the first step in that is making the process understandable,” said Alm-LaBar. “This guide is our effort to do that, and we hope it helps developers of all kinds to get answers to the many questions they have in the process.”