City of Lafayette View


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Lafayette LA, 70506

Phone: 337-291-8410


State/Local Resources:

Federal Resources/Information:

  • The link will assist many, particularly those seeking grants available to minority owned businesses. This link is a resource that will help clients identify and apply for federal grants.
  • United States Department of Transportation Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program link is It provides an overview of United States Department of Transportation Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program. The U.S. Department of Transportation's DBE (disadvantaged business enterprise) program provides a vehicle for increasing the participation by MBEs in state and local procurement. DOT DBE regulations require state and local transportation agencies that receive DOT financial assistance, to establish goals for the participation of DBEs. Each DOT-assisted State and local transportation agency is required to establish annual DBE goals, and review the scopes of anticipated large prime contracts throughout the year and establish contract-specific DBE subcontracting goals. In addition to establishing goals, state and local recipients also certify the eligibility of DBE firms to participate in DOT-assisted projects. Some groups are presumed to be socially and economically disadvantaged for the purposes of participation in this program.
  • LCG’s Title VI and ADA Plans are linked here:
  • Louisiana Department and Transportation Development DBE Supportive Services link is its goal for DBE program is to facilitate the education and development of DBE firms so they can compete in the highway construction industry and conduct business outside of the DBE Program. We strive to ensure that small disadvantaged business enterprises can compete fairly for federally-funded projects and that only eligible firms participate in the LA DOTD DBE Program.