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May 6, 2022, 14:41 PM by User Not Found


The Lafayette Consolidated Government Park, Arts, Recreation and Culture (PARC) Department is hosting a variety of summer camps, increasing options for kids of all ages. Through public-private partnerships, PARC and community organizations are able to provide quality programs focused on education, art, performing arts, enrichment, sports, leadership, STEM, and more. “By working together, we’re able to provide quality summer camps to meet the need of the community. We’re building valuable community relations with organizations that can provide more of a variety of resources than we can on our own,” Recreation Centers Manager Alena Fields said.

Eight recreation centers and two activity centers will host camps, including Generational Voices which held its inaugural camp last year and is expanding from one location to two this year. Both locations will include activities for special needs children. CEO and Executive Director Brittney Houston said, “Last year was phenomenal. The goal was not only to spread awareness of social and emotional activities but to also promote positivity in their communities. We touched the lives of 144 kids.”

 The goal, Fields said, is for these organizations to be etched into our recreation centers summer after summer. “We want parents to know they can expect these programs that provide a safe, learning, and fun environment for their children. We’re striving to add even more camps next year,” she said. 

Visit for a list of summer camps and to register.