300 East Vermilion Street
Lafayette LA 70501

Fire Chief: Robert P. Benoit

Phone: 337-291-8700

Fire Chief Robert P. Benoit serves as the head of the Fire Department is the leader of the organization. His primary duties, as written by Civil Service, are to plan, direct, and supervise all operations of the Fire Department. Work involves direction of all fire protection, fire prevention, and emergency services of the City government including the development of recommendations for maximum protection of life and property within the City.

 He is assisted with an administration staff of three to accomplish the following objectives:
• Controls and administers department budget 
• Provides assistance to support divisions 
• Develops and administers policies of the Fire Department and the City of Lafayette 
• Determines proper protection for our City 
• Administers new changes 
• Monitors innovative developments to enhance efficiency of department